James Cameron Addresses Unanswered Kiri Questions In Avatar 2

Avatar: The Way of Water is a mostly self-contained story, but it introduces several unanswered questions revolving around Kiri (Sigourney Weaver). As the biological daughter of Grace Augustine’s Avatar (also Sigourney Weaver), Kiri is a big mystery in the Avatar story. Not only does she seem to be immaculately conceived, but she’s also different from other Na’vi, most notably demonstrated in more human traits such as the fact that she has five fingers like the other avatar bodies, such as Jake Sully (Sam Worthington), unlike native Na’vi, which only have four fingers.


Kiri is also different from other Na’vi in some very important ways. Throughout Avatar: The Way of Water she’s shown to have a special connection to Pandora and Eywa that’s different from other Na’vi in key ways, such as her interactions with the mystical woodsprites, her ability to more easily form connections and command the creatures of Pandora, and especially through her mysterious vision of her mother, Grace, when she connected to the Spirit Tree, which also triggers a concerning seizure. These questions weren’t resolved in Avatar: The Way of Water, but James Cameron says they’re important for a larger story.

James Cameron Explains Why Kiri Questions Aren’t Answered

In the “Inside Pandora’s Box” featurette included with the Avatar: The Way Of Water‘s digital release, Cameron explains why there’s so many mysteries with Kiri, revealing that it’s an important part of the larger story connecting all the Avatar sequels:

“We ask a lot of questions with Kiri that we don’t answer, even over the course of the entire film. It’s a greater story arc. It’s a big journey for the audience with her. But it’s okay, because you care about her. She has a luminous quality.”

Why Kiri is So Important For The Avatar Sequel Story

Avatar: The Way of Water has a self-contained story and doesn’t end on a cliffhanger, but it introduces some big questions that need to be answered in future sequels, especially when it comes to Kiri, and some of those questions go all the way back to the original Avatar. When Neytiri first sees Jake in Avatar, she draws back an arrow to shoot him, but a woodsprite rests on the tip of the arrow, which she sees as a sign from Eywa to spare him. Sparing Jake triggers a chain of events that eventually leads to the seemingly immaculate birth of Kiri, who also bears a special connection to the woodsprites.

With three Avatar sequels left, there’s a lot more to be explained and what this special connection means, it’s clear the Na’vi’s connection to Eywa, and therefore Kiri’s connection to Eywa, is a major factor in the overarching story, which culminates in a fifth movie rumored to be titled “The Quest for Eywa.” There’s a lot more Avatar story to tell with three sequels to follow after Avatar: The Way of Water, but Cameron’s quote seems to confirm Kiri’s story will be a major factor as that story grows.

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