Jeremy Renner Gets Standing Ovation At His New Disney Plus Show’s Premiere

Actor Jeremy Renner received a standing ovation at the premiere of his new Disney+ series Rennervations. The four-part documentary show sees the Mayor of Kingstown star locate decommissioned government vehicles and repurpose them to serve the community in a different way. From city buses to fire trucks, Renner plans, refits, and delivers redesigned vehicles to charities geared toward youths.

At a Disney+ premiere for Rennervations (via Deadline), the crowd gave Renner a standing ovation.

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel introduced the popular actor, prompting the audience to rise to their feet in applause. Renner made his way to the front of the theater with the assistance of a mobility device due to his tragic snowplow accident on New Year’s Day.

Jeremy Renner’s Accident Explained

During a brutal snowstorm at the beginning of 2023, Renner found himself fighting for his life. The Hawkeye star took to the streets in his 14,000-pound Sno-Cat snowplow to clear roads and assist anyone in need. After pulling a stuck Ford Raptor out of the snow, the actor’s plow began to slide uncontrollably toward his nephew Alex. In an attempt to save Alex, Renner slipped from the vehicle and was caught underneath the Sno-Cat’s massive tracks.

The Avengers star suffered extensive injuries from the accident, including severe chest trauma, over 30 broken bones, a punctured liver, and a collapsed lung. Renner was airlifted to a regional trauma center, where he underwent multiple surgeries and was held in their intensive care unit. Throughout the ordeal, the actor believed he was going to die, writing a goodbye letter to his family. With the help of a team of medical professionals, Renner pulled through and began his long road of recovery.

Friends, costars, and fans from all over the world shared their messages of support. Within 10 weeks following the horrific incident, Renner was back on his feet and walking with a cane. The two-time Academy Award-nominated actor recently demonstrated his progress on Jimmy Kimmel Live! where he recounted his ordeal and shared a satirical heartfelt video from his Marvel Cinematic Universe co-star Paul Rudd. Although Renner’s career has been put on hold since the accident, audiences can see the actor in his new show Rennervations streaming on Disney+.

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