Jester’s 10 Best Quotes From The Mighty Nein Campaign

Critical Role‘s Jester quotes are part and parcel of how Campaign Two amassed more loyal viewers to Matt Mercer’s table. A thiefling cleric of the Traveler who is also one of the most overpowered player character builds in Critical Role history, Jester Lavorre’s 20 Wisdom score made for some of the best banter in the entire series. Filled with excitement and eagerness, Jester brought a lot of laughs and smiles to the audience while easily proving herself to be the strongest member of the Mighty Nein.

The voice behind Jester is Laura Bailey, a mainstay of Critical Role cast and The Legend of Vox Machina, Campaign One’s animated series adaptation. Apart from playing Vox Machina’s Vex and the Mighty Nein’s Jester, Bailey has over a hundred voice acting credits in video games and animated projects. In fact, Laura Bailey has notably received over a dozen awards for her voiceover work. This includes Bailey being named Voice Actress of the Year twice at the BTVA People’s Choice Voice Acting Awards. With the voice of a veteran actor behind the character, it’s not surprising that Critical Role‘s Jester quotes have captured the hearts of so many viewers. Here are some of Jester’s best quips and musings.

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10 “We’re A Group, You Guys!”

Jester is visibly excited that the strange band of characters met in Trostenwald has become a group, as evidenced by this quote in the 2nd episode of the campaign. Indeed, Critical Role‘s Jester quotes often showcase her jovial personality. Out of all the characters in the Mighty Nein (as the group would later be called), she is the one that brings the most joy and excitement to the adventure. Very few things can bring her down, and the fact that she gets to meet and hang out with new people during a time of crisis in town makes her happy.

9 “I’ve Never Traveled With A Bunch Of People I Thought Would Die…”

Though Jester is one of the most likable player characters in Critical Role, she sometimes gets confused about certain things, especially at the start of the campaign. During this scene, in which Jester is tending to an injured Molly, Beau gives her a healing kit and tells her that she’s in charge of healing as the party’s cleric. Jester is confused and objects to being thought of as the cleric, leading her to utter one of the most hilarious Critical Role Jester quotes. However, as time went by, Jester became more accepting of her role, and has saved the Mighty Nein on more than one occasion.

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8 “Life Does Need Things To Live.”

When Molly tells Jester that it’s okay to live her life, Jester responds with this quote. Naturally, this line confuses some of her other companions due to its obvious nature. However, that doesn’t stop the quote from being very iconic, and a very Jester thing to say. And she’s not technically wrong. For life to exist, things do need to live. The line may be odd and obvious, but it isn’t a false statement. Rather, this statement actually shows how some Critical Role Jester quotes echoes her immense Wisdom score.

7 “Do You Feel Like You’re Slowly Turning Into Water?”

Jester’s relationship with Fjord might be one of the best romances in Critical Role, and that leads to some funny lines from Jester regarding him. In this scene, after Fjord’s terrifying vision causes him to cough up some seawater, Jester asks him if he’s turning into water. When he responds, she tells him that if he feels like he is to let the others know, so they can try to catch him in a jar. This isn’t just a hilarious comment — some of Critical Role’s Jester quotes, though funny, may sometimes reveal what’s truly possible with arcane magic in Exandria.

6 “Be Well, Child. The Traveler Is With You.”

Jester is not afraid to try to spread the word of her god — the Traveler — to anyone who will listen. If she has a reason to talk about him, she will. As with most Critical Role Jester quotes, she manages to comfort someone with this line, saying that the Traveler is with everyone. Jester’s devotion to the mysterious god throughout the campaign is absolute and unwavering. Little does she realize that the Traveler was once the archfey Artagan. It’s an intriguing mystery that takes up a bit of the latter half of the campaign, but lines like this one really allow Laura Bailey’s roleplaying to shine.

5 “Hey There, Mister Gentleman…”

Just because Jester has an incredibly overpowered build doesn’t mean she can’t struggle with some of the details of her spells, including the 25-word limit of Sending. In this instance, when trying to cast Sending to send to The Gentleman, Jester quickly goes way past the 25-word limit. While this rambling quote may not seem like much, it’s one of many Critical Role Jester quotes that show off her quirky personality. She’s bright and excitable, and it doesn’t take her much to ramble on and get ahead of herself. This scene is only one of many where her personality gets in the way of sending off vital information.

4 “Sometimes Things That Are The Most Beautiful…”

Jester has had some great moments of wise quotes during the campaign, including this one from the Mighty Nein’s time sailing over the ocean. While in a conversation with one of her friends, Jester makes the comment that “sometimes things that are the most beautiful are the things that can hurt you the worst.” It’s one of many Critical Role Jester quotes that’s also true in real life. Many things may seem deceptively beautiful but can turn out to be things that can seriously hurt anyone that gets close. Some wise words from one of the party’s oddest members and a very iconic quote from her without a doubt.

3 “Sometimes The People That Love You…”

Jester can easily come up with words of advice for any situation, such as on topics like love and relationships, which leads to this gem of advice that she has. In this scene, Jester makes the comment that “Sometimes the people that love you want to keep you around so that they know you’re safe.” It’s a great comment to make and a hidden gem of wisdom. She and her friends all want to keep each other safe, so they stick around with each other to ensure that everyone stays alive. Out of the various Critical Role Jester quotes, this was the first that truly solidified the bond of the Mighty Nein.

2 “Maybe We Will Fight Vokodo And Then Everything Will Become Clear.”

Vokodo was a powerful enemy for the Mighty Nein to fight during Jester’s attempts to start of Traveler Con. But the whole incident of Traveler Con really showed just how far her devotion to him went. Before the party went on to fight Vokodo, they talk to Jester about Traveler Con. Jester eventually admits that she is struggling with being conflicted about the Traveler’s demands while also not trying to trick his followers. Not only does this quote reveal what she’s feeling, it also shows off a clear part of her personality and how far she is willing to go for her beliefs.

1 “We Love You So Much And We Want You Back.”

The most heartbreaking part of the Might Nein campaign was when Molly came back to life as Lucien and became an enemy of the party. This leads to a massive fight between him and his followers at the end of Campaign Two, as well as the most heart-wrenching of Critical Role‘s Jester quotes. The Mighty Nein are successful in killing Lucien, but it is Jester that manages to strike the killing blow. As she does this, she tells Lucien that she knows that Molly is in there and wants him back. In the end, Jester had no choice but to eliminate Lucien, finally giving Molly a chance to rest in peace.

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