Kate Middleton often wears this colour for this reason

Whilst the Duchess of Cambridge has a wardrobe many would kill for, with dresses and outfits covering any weather and social scenario, there are a few things she will and won’t wear. For example, Kate Middleton never wears orange, however, she does often wear blue.

As recently as this month, Catherine attended Wimbledon in a navy polka dot Alessandra Rich skirt and matching blazer, and last month she donned a powder blue dress to attend the launch of The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood at Kensington Palace (main picture).

That’s of course not counting the years of red carpet and official events, as well as Christmas and birthday photos, in which she often wears various shades of blue.

According to experts, there may be a reason behind this choice. There is of course the fact that blue is generally a calm and neutral colour, which would help emphasise the Duchess’ calm personality.

There are also historical ties between the colour blue and royalty, hence the terms ‘blue blood’ and ‘Royal blue’. The origins of those expressions vary, but it was thought royalty and nobility had blue blood, and it was desirable to have pale complexions and noticeable blue veins.

As for Royal blue, it is said to have been created in Somerset by someone making a dress for Queen Charlotte after she married King George III in 1761.

Or, and this is probably the most likely explanation, Kate simple like the colour, as it’s flattering and goes with most things.

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