Lanvin Spring/Summer 2020 Bags

Sophistication was the buzzword on the Lanvin spring 2020 runway, where a multitude of exquisite elegant creations mesmerized the audience. Since the presentation sets the tone for the entire line for the new season, it’s perfectly natural to expect the same style perspective to be used for the spring 2020 accessories. Looking at the new Lanvin handbags, we indeed see the anticipated style congruence. The refined touch is noticeable in each and every handbag included in the collection.

Classiness is one of the most important attributes for most loyal fans and customers of the label and the new options sure enough live by the usual standard set by the label. From minimalistic designs suited for everyday wear to sophisticated clutches, the refined allure is kept consistent. Even though there are plenty of uber versatile options that can become investment pieces, trendy vibes are also present. The wild and luxurious allure of exotic skin textures is still seen as a great way to make a statement in the season to come despite the fact that animal prints are taking a backseat in the upcoming months.

Feminine vibes are also noticeable in many of the new handbag designs. Whether it’s through a fairly subtle hint or an eye-popping style element, the new handbags instantly draw attention like a magnet, the new options being diverse enough to satisfy even the most demanding style preferences. Perhaps an even more interesting perspective is the one that blends the sophistication of a classy handbag with the mystic allure of jewel-like details for an outstanding impact.

Chromatically speaking, things are fairly balanced and there are no major shockers in this department. With just the right touch between sophistication and practicality these fab handbags are for enhancing your looks for more than one season. A sophisticated, timeless vibe and just the right amount of modern elements will always be in, after all. Pay attention to accessorizing in order to update your new season looks quickly and easily without making any major changes in your wardrobe.

Photo courtesy of Lanvin

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