Lily Cole for Stylistpick The Amazonian ‘Wild Rubber’ Jewelry Collection

Lily Cole teamed up with Stylistpick and created The Amazonian Wild Rubber Jewelry Collection. The pieces featured in the line were made using sustainably sourced rubber, and the profits being used to save one billion trees in the Amazon rainforest.

The 25-year-old beautiful model and Sky Rainforest Rescue ambassador said that, “It did feel like a bizarre idea at first,” Lily admitted. “I didn’t really have a precedent in my head of what that looks like to be honest with you. But what we’re trying to do is look at the ways that consumers in the UK can engage with wild rubber, and by purchasing it, protect the rainforest.”

What can you find in Lily Cole’s jewelry collection? Well, there are simple and elegant stud earrings that you can wear with everything, pendant necklaces, and beautiful and bold rings guaranteed to make a statement. Prices range from £10 for rings and £25 for pendants.

“For me, the collection is a metaphor of what is possible. I hope we can use the material in many other products in the future,” Lily Cole told vogue UK. “Jewelery is also a good way of communicating the value and delicacy of the rainforest it represents. Wearing it against skin can connect us with a place and a dialogue that is seemingly far away.”

Lily designed these pieces herself, one of her favorites being a long pendant necklace because “it communicates so much for me and the work we’re doing to try and save the rainforest.” The color palette includes only versatile colors like nude and khaki.

Speaking about the line and the items she created, Cole told Vogue UK that, “In this instance, the rubber itself became the prayer,” she explained. “I wanted the jewellery to feel valuable but also vulnerable – as a metaphor for the rainforest. I wanted it to be something people would both love and treat delicately. I am more interested in the story behind the objects than the process of design itself, but design is an inherent part of a lot of what I do, and important for communicating ideas.”

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Photos: Stylistpick

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