Mango Fall/Winter 2020 Jewelry Collection

Jewelry designs have always had a major importance as far as fashion and style go and fashion designers have placed a heavy weight on accessories. Their power relies in taking any outfit and transforming its style, upgrading even the simplest outfits, so no wonder that accessories have become a definite must have. Mango is definitely putting its 27 year old experience in fashion to display through their amazing fall/winter 2020 jewelry collection.

Regardless of your outfit, a gorgeous, well detailed accessory will have a significant impact over the look of any outfit, so why not underline your individuality and unmatchable style with one of these amazing accessories from Mango’s fall/winter 2020 jewelry collection as you can select from various styles.

Since diversity is the buzzword in fashion Mango has split its attention and drew inspiration from 4 amazing styles which attract attention like a magnet and which compliment all the new season fashion tendencies. Statement designs dominate the collection which features 4 distinctive themes such as Africa & Ethnic, Large Crystals, Animal Print and Natural Stones.

Depending on personal style and outfit you can adapt your jewelry to make sure the result is absolutely unique and flawless. The new fashion tendencies are bold, so accessorize and explore as the world of accessories is absolutely amazing. Once you’ve found your style you’ll be able to make it your own by adding certain accents that make a difference and that draw attention. These statement jewelry designs are essential in obtaining a fashion-forward look, so mix and match as it’s only jewelry.

From cutting edge tribal inspired necklaces to seductive animal print bangles, glam earrings or boho-chic rings, each jewelry design has a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that draws attention. Go simple chic or glam-up your look with some cool gem application jewelry designs and you’ll surely not go by unnoticed.

Photos courtesy of Mango

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