Mar de Rosas Mystical Stones 2020 Swimwear Collection

If you can’t wait ’till the warm season makes its presence felt, you’re gonna be even more anxious after you take a peek at the festive Mar de Rosas 2020 swimwear collection titled ‘Mystical Stones’. The creative, color-filled swimwear designs that are characteristic for the Colombian brand target the fun-loving woman that wants to ooze femininity even when she’s lounging by the pool or taking a dip in the crystal clear water of a remote tropical paradise island.

A quick glimpse at the seductive Mar de Rosas 2020 swimwear collection is all it takes to be swept off your feet and be lured in and transported through a dreamy journey throughout a bright and vivaciously colored scenery featuring exotic plants and transparent turquoise waters, so check out the wide variety of swimwear designs for 2020 and select the ones that you feel uplift your mood and have the potential to turn you into a ‘firecracker’!

Triangle tops, halter tops, bandeau and one shoulder tops featuring matching bikini bottoms displaying various cuts will awake your senses and get you hooked on swimwear designs that stand out of the crowd, designs that pack that ‘look-at-me-I’m-gorgeous’ confidence that makes heads turn. However, the honeys that want to look gorgeous and sexy while lounging by the pool but are not too fond of separates can always select a monokini or a one piece swimwear design from Mar de Rosas as the brand is focusing on bringing diverse and innovative designs to have women feel like they’re showered with roses and that there’s nothing that they can’t have!

The new swimwear designs are deployed in bold contrasting colors and feature stylish graphic prints that only aid the sophistication and the youthful-vibe of the collection, making it a definite must! So, why not have fun and look gorgeous even when having your skin sunkissed?!

Looking good while lounging on a tropical beach somewhere has never been easier, so browse through the burst of purple, turquoise, deep blue and other vivacious shaded swimwear designs signed Mar de Rosas 2020 and pick the ones that will help you underline your femininity like never before!

Photo courtesy of Mar de Rosas

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