Marchesa Fall 2020 Collection New York Fashion Week

The Marchesa fall 2020 collection unveiled at the New York Fashion Week brought the same level of elegance to the podium with which the brand got us used to so far only this season the theme that led to the creation of the lineup was more intensely focused on past trends! It was the 17th century extravaganza of the aristocrat circles that served as inspiration for the collection and the result was pure elegance.

It seems that the fact that the brand’s designers Keren Craig just welcomed her second baby and Georgina Chapman is just a couple of months away from giving birth, didn’t affect their creativity, on the contrary motherhood seems to have inspired the designer duo to push the boundaries to glamor and sophistication by infusing vintage details that scream uniqueness.

Just as for the Marchesa fall 2020 collection, the label’s designers chose a painting as their source of inspiration and for the fall 2020 season the painting selected was the ‘Portrait of Maria Teresa de Vallabriga on Horseback’ signed by Francisco de Goya in 1783. The painting that depicts the elegance of an aristocrat woman from that period seems to have sparked a myriad of ideas as the collection lit up the room with its exquisite details.

Obviously, the Marchesa signature, the intricate embroidery and the tulle ruffle details, couldn’t have missed from the Marchesa fall 2020 collection and the delicacy of these effects paired with the fabrics’ luxurious feel and elegant structures resulted in a jaw dropping display of garments worthy of a red carpet event!

Although dresses are the brand’s specialty, the designer chose to introduce in the collection a couple of pant separates which also displayed the same level or royal looking embroidery details.However, the glamor extravaganza exuded by the gowns got fashion enthusiasts gasping for air as the lovely corset gowns featuring heavy embroidery, draping effects and silhouette sculpting shapes were truly breathtaking.

The color palette used in the creation process focused on seductive, timeless pigments which included reds, nude-pinks, greys, beiges and black tones, shades that compliment most skin tones, so enchant your eyes by checking out all of Marchesa’s fall 2020 designs!


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