Most Fashionable TV Shows

Costume design can take a TV show to a whole new level and some of the most fashionable TV shows have influenced the fashion world immensely. Whether they’re still on the air or you can only catch reruns on cable, these shows have managed to leave a huge print when it comes to fashionable looks.

Discover the most fashionable TV shows that aren’t centered around fashion, but have clearly managed to become a piece of fashion history and continue to inspire fashionistas everywhere.

Mad Men

With a huge impact on popular culture, the period drama has also brought back retro styles that have been at the core of many fashion trends in the past few years. From Betty’s ladylike outfits to Joan’s seductive clothes and Peggy’s modern working woman wardrobe, costume designer Janie Bryant has aptly used fashion to make statements about the characters. For an in depth analysis on just how well the costumes work in the show, check out Tom and Lorenzo’s Mad Style blog.

Sex and the City

Considered by many the most fashionable TV show of all time, the HBO comedy was focused as much on fabulous fashion as sex. Carrie Bradshaw’s style started countless trends and Sarah Jessica Parker’s character is also responsible for putting Manolo Blahnik on the map. Most of the show’s fashion impact is owed to stylist Patricia Field, not just its stars.

Pretty Little Liars

Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Aria are definitely the best dressed teenagers on TV right now. Costume designer Mandi Line has managed to put together very inspiring contemporary looks, but has also managed to dress up the girls flawlessly with a more retro flavor.

Gossip Girl

From preppy to boho, “Gossip Girl” inspired countless look and even made big hairbands cool again. From the internship at W Magazine to the unforgettable red trousers, the show managed to create trends and portray fashion as an integral part of life in New York, without losing its sense of humor, and that’s why it’s one of the most fashionable TV shows.


The plots may be hard to follow, but the fashion in “Revenge” is always glorious. The show has already had a big impact in fashion, but it’s pushed it further than any other TV show by creating its own line of clothing and accessories. The costume designer behind it is Jill Ohanneson, who’s already been nominated for Primetime Emmys twice for her work on another iconic show, “Six Feet Under”.

Ugly Betty

Poking fun at the fashion world while also recognizing the impact style choice can have on the way people treat you, “Ugly Betty” was also styled by Patricia Field. The show couldn’t make ponchos cool, but it’s still one of the most fashionable TV shows, since it did start other trends and skewered the superficiality of the fashion industry like no other show.

The Carrie Diaries

With the help of costume designer Eric Daman, who’s also responsible for “Gossip Girl”,the show quickly explored many of the style high points of the ‘80s. As a prequel to “Sex and the City”, the show may not be fantastic, but when it comes to fashion and style impact, it’s a winner.

New Girl

If you need inspiration for your hipster style, look no further than this sitcom starring Zooey Deschanel. From dorky glasses to retro skirts and cool tees, the outfits collected and created by costume designer Debra McGuire make “New Girl” one of the most fashionable TV shows and a great alternative for hipster fashion, aimed at young women who aren’t really into the style of “Girls”.

Absolutely Fabulous

Portraying two aging fashion victims, the British comedy is still coming back irregularly after more than 20 years since its conception. Lacroix may not be as fashionable as it was in the ’90s, but “Absolutely Fabulous” has still managed to start trends while poking fun at its characters’ superficial fashion choices.

Downton Abbey

When it comes to period costumes, the BBC drama has displayed almost as much exquisite fashion as “Mad Men”. Even babies are dressed to the nines at the Abbey, making it one of the most fashionable TV shows.

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