Nautical and French Riviera Trends

It seems that the fashion styles this year are very diverse. You can find something to suit every one’s style, from super glamorous to a very casual, safari inspired style.

Sailor and French outfits always seemed to stand out and had a certain attraction. Probably this is why this type of clothes are back on the runways. The main characteristics of this fashion style are:black, navy, red and white color combinations

This fashion style takes you to the French Riviera because of the clothes designs and colors.

The outfits are more feminine and glamorous this season. You can find boat prints on clothes and they look fabulous. Accessories from handbags to necklaces with red, white, navy or black are very hip and stylish. You can wear a handbag in one color with a striped outfit so you don’t over do it.

Navy style sandals or shoes look incredible. You can find various styles and colors that match this particular style from high heels to platforms and flats. Sandals with navy and white color or red white and navy barrettes look amazing. They are fun and stylish at the same time. When it cones to beach wear this fashion style looks absolutely gorgeous. Elegant and chic, nautical bathing suits will make you catch all the attention.

Mark Jacobs, Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana have an incredible navy style fashion collection which reminds us of warm summer days with navy glam accents.

If you are looking for that beautiful French navy look this fashion style is the one for you.

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