Odylyne The Ceremony’s Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders Bridal Collection Includes Puff Sleeves & High-Low Skirts

The 1970 movie Valerie and Her Week Of Wonders tells the story of a young girl who gets her period for the first time. This initiates a sequence of fantastic and, at times, terrifying events that take place over the course of one week. Marriage is another major milestone in a woman’s life that can, likewise, be equal parts blissful and scary. Or, at least that’s what Odylyne The Ceremony’s latest bridal collection seems to suggest.

Designer Stephanie White used the cult-classic film as the inspiration behind the brand’s latest release, appropriately titled “Her Week Of Wonders.” Launched during New York Bridal Fashion Week, the collection includes six wedding looks that evoke an ethereal, witchy aesthetic. This manifests in soft textures and silhouettes that exude a “youthful vibe” and the brand’s first-ever velvet dress, featuring a removable bow-shaped neck piece and an embellished veil-like cape. Other numbers feature more daring silhouettes (at least when it comes to bridal) that include high-low skirts, plunging necklines, and ruffled details. 

The standout pieces of the collection though are the puff-sleeve gowns. Despite billowy sleeves currently trending, according to White, the dresses had been in the making since 2017 when the designer created a custom order for a bride that included oversized shoulder details. She started incorporating the puff sleeves into her looks, elevating the silhouette that’s more commonly associated with children’s wear than bridal. “I think we do it in a way that feels sophisticated,” says White.

This is in line with the brand’s mission: Since launching in 2014, Odylyne The Ceremony has carved out a space for brides looking for a creative spin on the traditional princess ballgown. For White, the brand’s free-spirited approach to bridal looks leaves space for self-expression on the big day. “It’s playful and youthful. It definitely has character,” she says of the label.

But Odylyne The Ceremony is also for brides who love fantasy. Much of White’s collections are inspired by movies and books she loved as a child, making her the perfect person to design a dress for a happily ever after. “I wanted to have the bride feel that sense of magic when she’d wear one of [my] gowns,” says White. 

Following a year of canceled weddings as a result of the pandemic, White says that a growing portion of brides is opting out of the traditional white dress, creating an opportunity for a brand like Odylyne The Ceremony to provide them with alternatives. So while the “Her Week Of Wonders” collection explored the themes of innocence, White is releasing another installment of the drop during the holiday season. Inspired by the eerie adventures Valerie experiences in the film, the collection will feature black dresses, sequins, and glitter. “If I could go back, I would get married in a black dress,” she says. 

As modern brides continue to expand their definition of a wedding dress, with pantsuits and jumpsuits increasing in popularity, White is expecting the brand’s lineup to get even more unexpected: “Every girl wants to see something new, and I think it’s important for brands to evolve.”

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