On the Scene: Angela Yee Speaks with the CEO’s of Ebony Magazine About Building their Legacy at the Ebony X Barbancourt Event

Last Thursday, The CEO of Ebony Magazine Eden Bridgeman Sklenar partnered with the CEO of Rhum Barbancourt, Delphine Gardere and presented their ‘Legacy’ event in celebration of being in business for over the last decades.

Moderated by radio personality Angela Yee, each woman touched on the importance of being a woman in a high role and touched on what women empowerment looks like for women of color. They also spoke about how to create a legacy with minimal resources,  and encouraged guests to seek out business opportunities within their community.

TPhoto Credit: Instagram Reproduction

During the live interview with Yee, both CEOs expressed the difficulties associated with being a woman of power and the importance of speaking up. Delphine Gardere expressed, “Being in this position I’ve learned to let my voice be heard without caring about what others may think.” 

Building a legacy may look different for others, but one thing that building a legacy has in common with other CEO’s is the team building and development that happens behind the scenes.

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“I’ve learned that I would be nothing without the support of my team and family. You cannot be successful without having a team and support around you,” stated Bridgeman, the CEO of Ebony Magazine.

“When I stepped into this role as the CEO, I had just given birth to my first child so without the support of my family, none of this would be possible,” Bridgeman further elaborated.

It’s evident to see that both companies have worked consistently to keep their businesses thriving. There’s no doubt that when people think of a black owned magazine, Ebony Magazine certainly comes to mind. “I see Ebony Magazine in the future as a platform that everyone can relate to and see themselves in. The goal is to be able to relate to the culture while creating influence for the culture,” said Bridgeman.

After the panel discussion, to add to the festivities the legacy guest finished off the evening with custom cocktails courtesy of Rhum Barbancourt. The cocktails were created by Netflix’s Drink master’s, LP O’Brien.

Photo Credit: Instagram Reproduction

Photo Credit: Instagram Reproduction

Photo Credit: Instagram Reproduction

As for Barbancourt Rhum, this alcoholic beverage has been around for decades, and they plan on staying around for even longer. “Barbancourt Rhum will create more spaces in the future for women like me, and hopefully when other women of color see me in this position , it will inspire them,” said Gardere