On the Scene: Fashion Bomb daily Claire Sulmers Stuns at Paris Fashion Week

With a high profile and a fanbase that exceeds beyond the fashion Industry, it’s no secret that CEO Claire Sulmers is THAT girl. From New York straight to Paris Fashion Week, she shut down some of shows with her notable looks that consisted of everything from metallic to Mongolian fur and snakeskin prints.

Pic @pix_by_smh

Paris Fashion Week came to a halt this week, but it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t give you a glimpse into Claire’s latest expedition to the Paris shows. Her first runway show was Balmain which was presented by one of her favorite designers, Oliver Rousteing who played Frank Sinatra’s, “I did it my way,” as models strutted the catwalk in a wide assortment of black and white ensembles. Claire, who is originally from Atlanta, was able to reunite with stylists for the stars, Jeremey Haynes and] the designer of the Grey Area brand, Mark by Mark.

Photo Cred: @pix_by_smh

Despite some of the hiccups that Claire encountered while on her Parisian excursion, such as her flight being postponed and her bags being delayed, you wouldn’t have never known based on how flawlessly she looked. Claire wore a red snakeskin Ivy Park sequined duster with a wrap blouses and red snakeskin pants from Neiman Marcus. She expressed, “with entrepreneurship, things are going to happen but it’s important that you don’t quit, and you push forward to figure out a way to make it right.”

Here intentional and admirable mindset is what allowed Claire to persevere. In fact, perseverance is nothing new to the Harvard alumni who once lived in Paris and interned for Paris Vogue. “Every time I go to Paris, I can’t help but remember that girl who use to walk the streets of Paris with a camera around her neck, asking people to take their picture, or the girl who so desperately wanted to be in the fashion industry but couldn’t find a way in,” stated Sulmers.

It’s evident to see that Claire has come along way since her fashion inception to fast-forward being invited to Givenchy’s Fall 2023 PFW show by Matthew Williams, and attendees not only knowing who she is but also welcoming her.

Not to mention, being able to walk into the Givenchy store on Rue Faubourg Saint Honoré earlier in the day to shop a look which consisted of a black cutout flare dress, styled with black gloves, Givenchy shades and Cult of Coquette patent leather thigh high boots from the Fashion Bomb daily shop. As she brilliantly strutted inside the venue, paparazzi snapped her photos and captured the media maven in all her glory. “It’s a testament to God’s grace, hard-work and what faith can do,” expressed Sulmers.

Towards the end of Claire’s dispatch to PFW, she had the opportunity to meet and network with the designer of Jitrois who was delighted to have her preview his latest presentation that was edgy, fierce and over the top with Mongolian fur, fringe pants and zipper Moto jackets.

Claire’s trip to Paris Fashion Week was unforgettable and oozed bold prints, body-con dresses and reflected her personal style. Her advice to those inspired by her journey is, “ nothing should stop you from pursuing your dreams, which is the mantra that I’ve always lived by, and has served me well.”