Ouai’s Thick Hair Treatment Masque: An Honest Review

When summer hits, I become a bad mother…to my hair. My curls are subjected to chlorine and saltwater, often in the same day. They get blasted by heat styling for weddings and scorched by the sun. Fortunately for my offspring—again, still talking about my hair—there are hair masks, and one in particular has come to my rescue.

Everything about Ouai’s Thick Hair Treatment Masque is rich. From the formula, a blend of almond, macadamia, and olive oils with shea and illipe butters (the latter is a tree nut high in vitamins E and A), to the scent. The fragrance, a blend of roses, bergamot, and champagne called Melrose Place, lingers just long enough for that freshly washed feel without interfering with your perfume. And, of course, like all of Ouai’s products, the packaging is chic enough to make me consider redoing my bathroom to match.

The first time I used it, I was nervous it wouldn’t be hydrating enough, because unlike other deep conditioning masks I’ve tried, this one has an almost gel-like consistency. I’m so used to my hair feeling slippery post-treatment, but Ouai’s left my hair feeling squeaky clean. I don’t have very thick hair, but there’s a lot of it and it’s very dry, so I am big on adding moisture. My nervousness was for naught; when my hair dried it was shinier than it had been in months. It looked reflective. And it was soft—so, so soft. After that shower, I quickly went from a doubter to a customer for life.

As summer comes to an end and I marvel at my hydrated, glossy mane and lack of frizz, I have to remind myself that I haven’t become a better mother to my tresses. I just found an incredible nanny.

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