Party Dresses – 50 Latest and Different Designs for Women

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Party dresses are especially designed to wear in various types of parties. It is not at all necessary that party dresses should be adorned with different kind of materials. It can be simple also. Sometimes the simplicity of dress proves out to be its ornament. Party dresses are such kind of dress which pilfers your complete look and delivers your changed image. It fulfills the need of party. Party dresses are available for every age group and in every size. You need to explore your fashion sense in relation to party dress as there are number of varieties available in it. Each dress will have different kind of sleeve pattern, neck pattern, variety in belt if it is there, bottom work and length. Dresses are designed with keeping in mind the theme of party. It can be night party, kitty party, wedding party, birthday party etc. All party will need different dress. Like wedding party will have long embellished dress, night party will have short and seductive dress and birthday party will have soft and simple dress. Party dresses make little girls look like Princess. Girls appear out to be sweet and cute in such dresses.

Beautiful and Stylish Party Dress Designs for Ladies in Trend 2020:

Let try this party style dresses for your special occasions.

1. Casual Party Dress:

These party dresses are casual enough to carry enough to any party and its decent also. The dresses are structured from lace fabrics consisting of flower patterns. Both dresses have V shape neck design and short sleeve. These short dresses are also tied up with a beautiful lace belt having bow on side waist.

2. Innovative Party Dress:

It is nice party wear dress which is full in length. It is having long sleeves and round close neck. There is pretty golden thread work on both shoulders, on sleeves and on bottom of the dress. The dress is tight till waist and from there it has flare pattern. This fit & flare dress is looking fair on ladies catching due respect.

3. Eccentric Party Dress:

This party dress is inspired from newspaper which itself is a distinct idea. There is newspaper print on all over dress. The dress has thin straps on shoulders and broad neck open. There is boat shape cut on knee giving deep layers on both sides. The dress is light in shade and its unique concept is eye-fetching.

4. Backless Party Dress:

This yellow colour sexy party dress is backless. The back contains yellow strings adjoining both sides and over it there green round stones attached. The dress is stitched as squeezed and suiting nicely. It highlights the fair skin tone of lady and renders the totally passionate look of her. It will lift up the temperature of party.

5. Alluring Party Dress:

This girl’s party dress is pleasingly designed. It is sleeveless with square shape neck pattern. One yellow bow is attached on one shoulder and beautiful flares are created on dress from waist. Black colour floral work on top and on circular bottom is dazzling out. It has striking quality which will get instantly liked.

6. One Shoulder Party Dress:

It is one shoulder party dress for women. The golden base dress is decorated with blue lace fabric having flower design. A very nice curve has been given to neck with one off the shoulder style. There is one big straight on the side from where major part of the leg is open. On one side there is long sleeve and another is sleeveless.

7. Vintage Party Dress:

This black party dress contains long back vintage style. It is knee length with half sleeves. The sleeves are rolled over. The dress is having low V shape neck pattern and flares from the waist. This kind of dress is much comfortable to wear and carry at any time. It is wholly plain and its simplicity is winning hearts.

8. Prom Party Dress:

This long party dress contain calm colour. The dress is straight with thick fabric inside and transparent fabric outside. There is lace fabric attached on sleeves and neck. The sleeves are 3/4th and tight. The inner fabric has a curve shape which renders an attractive look. The dress is quite pleasing and delights the viewers.

9. Beach Party Dress:

This ladies party dress is suitable for beach parties. There is boat neck design on top and having cross pattern on back. The fabric of dress is light which is slightly upward in front compared to back. The dress is in two shades i.e. white and blue. There is big black design print on dress which is filled up with red on blue portion.

10. Low Draped Party Dress:

It is very short party dress having seductive nature. There is silver sparkling fabric in dress which is having halter neck thin black straps and backless. Tight silver necklace is worn with this dress having shining quality. The neck is highly low draped which exposes the body. It will tempt all the males with its captivating quality.

11. High Neck Party Dress:

This cocktail party dress is in red velvet fabric. It is having high neck with full sleeves and short in size. It is body tight above the knee. The girl has worn black high boot with this dress which is suiting well with this dress. The dress is giving white shining. It is formal dress and looking nice on slim and trim ladies.

12. Exotic Party Dress:

It is extremely hot party dress in black colour. It has deep round neck with thin straps. The dress is short in size and body hugging. The dress is having chain in front middle portion which is pulled upwards. In this seducing black dress a lady is appearing out to be sexy. On back too it has deep round shape neck which is quite explosive.

13. 3D Party Dress:

It is designer party dress in pure white colour. It is in two pieces i.e. blouse and skirt. The blouse is sleeveless with stylish neck pattern. The skirt is half plain white and half is having red flower pattern. There are red flower panels which gets full enough at the bottom. These flowers are in 3D print which looks like it is real.

14. Ball Gown Party Dress:

This blue colour wedding party dress is so gorgeous. It is having ball gown pattern. There is off the shoulder dress having round thick fabric covering the chest area. The dress is little tighter till waist. There is straight line design on top of dress with tiara like belt on waist. From waist the dress gets the shape of ball which stays flare.

15. Crystal Sheer Party Dress:

It is Christmas party dress which is having sheer fabric on back half portion. On one shoulder there is no fabric and on another shoulder there is light grey colour sheer fabric which is decorated with red stones of various shapes. The rest whole dress is fully plain red in colour. This decorated work of stones is looking awesome.

16. Slit Sleeve Party Dress:

It is white party dress which contains slit sleeve pattern. The V shape neck goes deep till it reaches waist. The sleeves are full in length with big cut in middle from where hand is purely visible. The outlay of dress is having wrapped over style that is looking beguiling. This soft white colour dress is enchanting one.

17. Body Hug Party Dress:

It is charming red party dress that is having heart winning quality. The dress is sleeveless with round shape neck. The dress is tighter till bump and then it gets flare like birds are opening their wings. The tighter portion of dress is having pleasing lace border work. The red colour work on red dress is simply mesmerising.

18. Layered Shoulder Party Dress:

This sequin party dress containing unique shoulder pattern is having black sparkling fabric. This short dress is having layered shoulder which is arranged over one another. It is given feather touch. Few are pure black and few are having shiny black fabric. These feather shoulders are covered with green border giving contrast colour touch.

19. Luxurious Party Dress:

This gold party dress is luxurious in look. The top area of dress is embellished with gold designer fabric. The bottom is having skirt pattern with many layers attached inside. The V neck of dress is affixed with gold transparent material. The golden touch on dress is rendering rich and ornamented look.

20. Cap Sleeve Party Dress:

It is brocade plus size party dress with cap sleeve. The neck is having black lace floral work fabric with curvy design. There is blue net material outer side with thin blue belt on waist. The belt is also having rectangular buckle in between. This knee length dress is having astounding mixture of lace, net and brocade.

21. Beaded Party Dress:

It is each lady’s favourite pink party dress displaying grand features. The neck is decorated with net fabric which is having pink border. The whole hot pink dress is furnished with beading work. The whole top area is garnished beautifully with silver beads. From waist it gets flare which is giving shining look apt for ramp walk.

22. Crochet Party Dress:

This evening party dress is maxi long dress constructed from lace fabric. It is having floral crochet work on overall dress. There is stunning backless style where the whole back is open with half moon design cut border. The dress is floor length with side cut on it. From this side cut some portion of leg is visible. The whole dress is extraordinary.

23. Embroidered Party Dress:

This is gentle engagement party dress nicely garnished with artificial flower work. It is one shoulder dress having sheer fabric on front and back area. Again on one leg it is transparent fabric. The waist is covered with thick and soft fabric and one angel like wings fabric is hanging on back. Legs are having two way fabric styles.

24. Elegant Party Dress:

This black and gold party dress is awe-inspiring one. There is base black dress over which it is having somewhere golden designs on it. The dress is having halter neck with straight and body tight pattern. The golden colour on black dress looks like the dress is faded one. Such dresses are highly desirable for thin girls.

25. High-Low Party Dress:

It is one of the best party dresses in high and low pattern. It is strapless with white thick folded fabric affixed on shoulder. There is alluring big flowers attached on waist side. The short sleeves are transparent and there is outlay two layer fabric attached on dress. The outer fabric layers are transparent in nature.

26. Back Bow Party Dress:

It is summer party dress having major portion open. There is big bow made on back over cross belt work. The front is having V neck with one more cut below neck pattern. The top dress is black and below is in white colour. The below area is having skirt like style in short size. This dress is suitable in hot days to give you airy feel.

27. Party Pencil Dress:

It is strapless blue party dress which is wholly plain. Sleeves are attached with dress which has cut on it. The dress is pencil style and tight on body. Though unadorned the dress is captivating and eye-catchy. Its sleeves patterns are different from all other. Its uniqueness in design carries sensitive and tender appearance.

28. Simple Party Dress:

This party dress for teenagers is generous. The dress is maroon in colour with knee length. The half of dress is having same colour lace outlay with cap sleeve. The belt is in maroon lace thin fabric which is shiny. It is though simple in look but the dress renders loving appearance. This tenderness in dress generates a calm nature.

29. Party Dress with Coat:

This formal party dress is elegant and suitable for special occasion. The inner dress is strapless decorated with lace work. This light coloured tight dress is garnished with floral work. The dress is also covered with matching colour broad coat hanged on shoulder. The coat is fully plain but it is having minor lace work on shoulder.

30. Trendy Party Dress:

This is trendy night party dress containing broad open neck with cap sleeves. There is purple large floral belt affixed on waist which is proper fitting to dress. Rest the whole dress is plain in fabric. It contains black piping frills on bottom giving little panels to dress. This short dress will make you centre of stage in party.

31. Classy Party Dress:

It is stunning and nice party dress having strapless and shining fabric. It looks like round mirror beads are attached on whole dress which is gleaming. One extra fabric is tied and rolled over the dress starting from top to bottom. This wrapping idea is awesome one and unique also. The wrapped material is soft and smooth.

32. 2 Piece Party Dress:

It is fancy party dress in two pieces. The blue blouse is high neck and long sleeves. On back there is pear shape cut with button on back. The blouse is nicely decorated with blue pearls. The skirt is fit and flares having nice border on waist. The whole skirt is plain and delivering radiating quality. The dress is simply astounding.

33. Printed Party Dress:

This new party dress is printed. This cotton dress is long and sleeveless. It is having beautiful prints in small and big shape. The boat neck gives desirable look. This cotton fabric dress is appropriated for summer days and it is having sweat sucking quality. This dress is most desirable and lovable by all ladies due to its fabric quality.

34. Ruffle Strap Party Dress:

This black party wear dress is simply gorgeous. It is halter neck thin strap pattern. From front neck to back there is ruffle style black material affixed on dress. It is fully body hugging and extremely delightful. This ruffle work on dress limits the wideness of hands and there is somewhat back open also. The black dress is sensual.

35. Bandage Style Party Dress:

This junior party dress is having serene colour containing bandage like style. The dress is very short, sleeveless and V shape neck. It looks like bandages are kept over one another and looks like it is messed up. This squeezed dress is appearing to be pacific and peaceful. It is glassy appearing dress with amusing quality.

36. Cut-out Party Dress:

This blue party dress is having cut-outs over neck. There are two lines of triangle cut work on neck which is quirky. This short size dress is having two layer bottoms which is up and down style. This cute dress will make girls look pretty and lovely. This calm colour dress is appealing to the mind and gives pleasance to the senses.

37. Kid’s Pageant Party Dress:

This girl’s party dress is simply beautiful. The frill work is affixed on neck in round shape. The net fabric is kept on top and layers cultivated from waist. This layered dress is garnished with nice frilling borders with full length. The kid has also kept one nice bouquet on hand which is complementing the colour of dress.

38. Sweetheart Party Dress:

In this hot party dress you will look like sweetheart. The dress is strapless with heart shape curve design. The bottom is nicely furnished with curvy design rendering big flower pattern. This short dress is extremely gorgeous one with heart winning quality. The bottom layer work has been given victorious look.

39. Romantic Party Dress:

It is white party dress having so much adorable and lovable features. The dress is straight A-line design. It is cap sleeve with transparent shoulders. The whole dress is having white beads attached. This white beads which appears like soft pearls displaying irresistible and engaging look. This pure white dress has appealing quality.

40. Dazzling Party Dress:

This straight gold party dress is sparkling and dazzling in nature. It is little loose in fit rendering perfect figure posture of body. The dress is sleeveless with open neck area. The hair colour is matching well with dress colour. This floor length dress is charismatic one having exceptional and magnificent glance.

41. Peplum Party Dress:

It is red coloured Christmas party dress in Peplum style. This cap sleeve dress has coat like pattern attached on top side. The neck has been nicely stitched and in middle there is beautiful lace work. Red floral design lace fabric with plain red dress is looking alluring. Bottom wear is looking like midi dress which again fetching attention.

42. Sheath Feather Party Dress:

This party dress for women is awe-inspiring. It is pure white colour containing sheath fabric. Feather belt made up of white cut down strings is unique idea on dress. The halter neck dress is fully open back rendering flirtatious look. This body hugging white dress is decorated with fake white flowers attached at some intervals.

43. New Style Party Dress:

This long party dress is especially a designer piece. The top is in black transparent material with long sleeve having in-built black petal work. The purple bottom is straight which kisses the floor is in silky shining fabric. One extra purple circular fabric is affixed on waist having up and down pattern. This extra fabric is having arranged panels on it.

44. Floor Length Party Dress:

It is floor length evening party dress having one off the shoulder. It is fully yellow dress having one silver broach on shoulder and fitted with belt on waist. On left side falling layers are created on dress that is looking awesome. It looks like yellow fabric is wrapped over body and displaying pleasant and enjoyable appearance.

45. Asymmetrical Party Dress:

It is asymmetrical hot party dress mostly suitable for youngsters’ night party. It is having spaghetti like thin straps with leaf pattern neck. On waist the dress is crossed with each other’s side and having uneven length on bottom. It looks like short part of leg is covered with long part. Silver beaded chain is worn which is giving border to neck.

46. Layered Party Dress:

This red party dress is having layers on three steps. This loose fitted dress is sleeveless with V neck shape. The dress does not contain any kind of print and its unadorned feature is winning likeliness in everyone’s eyes. The layers are arranged in three stages from waist to bottom. This above the knee dress is pleasurable to wear.

47. Latest Party Dress:

This white party dress is simply amazing and given formal look. The inner dress is having pant style trouser which is plain. The outlay contains high-low coat having floor length on back and waist length high on front. It is long sleeve with golden border work on front, back and sleeves. This golden work on white dress is having amusing look.

48. Embellished Party Dress:

It is short length black and gold party dress which is strapless. It appears like golden bandages are affixed on black dress displaying some black border in front side and on back it is fully golden piece. This body tight dress shows the actual figure giving full of confidence attitude. This hot dress is nicely embellished with gold shiny fabric.

49. Dignified Party Dress:

It is designer party dress delivering dignified look. The top is without shoulders with silver dazzling fabric. The bottom is having tomato red dress having little flare on foot. The shiny top is finished up with red material which is covering the body. A bracelet and ring is also matching with sparkling silver top.

50. Snake Skin Party Dress:

It looks like this gold party dress is constructed from snake skin. The dress is fit and flare having heart shape cut neck pattern. This sleeveless dress is glittering and beaming on day time as well as on night. The neck straps and waist belt is little lighter shade giving complement to dress. At once, it appears somewhat dangerous.

Here we saw number of different designs in party dresses. It will give you much knowledge regarding party dresses. Just explore yourself with this designs and it will be advantageous for yourself whenever you go for shopping. Artists try out many new concept in designing dresses and their creativity gets appreciated when dress help you receive plenty of good words.

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