Pearl Bangles Designs – 15 Modern Collection for Beautiful Look

Pearls have always been in demand for centuries as the king’s crown had pearls and many other valuable stones. Pearls carry a royal touch and make you feel special. Pearls jewellery always has in demand, especially pearl bangles, which look unique and elegant. Pearl bangles can be worn on any occasion, and with any outfit, you feel comfortable. The pearl bangle looks great on both girls as well as women’s.

Different Types of Pearl Bangles:

Here we draw your attention to some pearl bangle designs are as follows:

1. Traditional Pearl Bangle Design:

Pearl is a stone that has always been in tradition, and never its ornaments have been out of fashion. A pearl bangle tempts every woman because of its elegance and simplicity. Traditional pearl bangles can be worn at parties and can be suitable official wear.

2. Authentic Indian Pearl Bangles:

These types of bangles patterns are authentically Indian style. These pearl bangles are worn in marriages by womenfolk, thus making them look traditional and pretty. Middle_aged and old aged women usually wear these patterns of bangles. The bangles are clubbed with small white and gold pearls making it look very beautiful.

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3. Ghungroo and Pearl Bangles:

Ghungroo is defined as small bells hung on the bangles to enhance beauty. This type of bangle can be designed of any metal and look very appealing. Here on the gold bangle, pearl and ghungroo’s are stubbed in a pattern; in between, big pearls are embossed, making it a marvellous piece. So ghungroo with pearls is a great combination and a forever design.

4. Snake Chain Pearl Bangles:

You can have bangles in the pattern of a snake, and in between, the pearls are studded. The pearls used can be of any colour desired by you. If desired, you can hang some small miniature like crystals or heart_shaped hangings. This bangle type is cute and gives you a funky, cool look.

5. Fancy Pearl Bangle Design:

The word itself describes that females wear fancy pearl bangle to create a style and a fashion of their own. These fancy pearl bangles are suited to saris and western wear and have a cutie look for you and your wrist.

6. Polki Embossed Pearl Bangles:

As polka is uncut diamonds and is available in different colours. Beautiful pearl bangles can be created in a combination of Polki and pearl to enhance the look of your wrist. These bangles can be even worn by teenagers and middle_aged women to enhance the look and create a style in front of their friends and colleagues.

7. Latest Gold Pearl Bangles:

As gold is evergreen, designers have mixed gold bangles with pearls to enhance the look of the bangles. The gold bangles are studded with pearls, making the bangle look charming. This type of bangles can be worn daily and can be a good office also wears, thus helping you create your style.

8. Pearls Bangles for Girls and kids:

The young girls and kids also want a jewel by which they can create their style and appear fashionable. The pearls embossed in between the gold bangles are perfect for small cuties as they can wear them on any occasion they desire and look pretty cute as angles.

9. White Pearl Bangles:

Many women prefer pearl bangles in white. So, white pearl bangles are the correct choice for you. As white pearl symbolizes purity and elegance, the bangles carry the same meaning and look. The bangles appear stunning and are loved by women to dress up in a simple but with a touch of elegance and style.

10. Pearl Bangles with Stones:

Pearl and coloured stone is a killer combination. As pearls shine and sparkle and when colourful stones are studded, the bangle looks awesome. These bangles look classy, can be worn at parties, and are good office wear.

11. Vintage Bridal Pearl Bangles:

As the name says, vintage bridal pearl bangle the bangles have to be too classy, unique, and royal. Bridals prefer these bangles as they look very elegant and make you appear different from the crowd. So these bangles are appropriate for bridals and even for newly wedded couples.

12. Shining Copper and Pearl Bangles:

As copper has a subtle look and pearl shines, this combination makes the bangle look gorgeous and charming. You can even use coloured pearls to enhance the look of the bangle, and this type of bangle looks great with ethnic wear and make you look very pretty and charming.

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13. Designer Pearl Bangle:

As pearl bangles, fashion never goes out, and on top of it, the bangle has a designer look, then it’s next to impossible to stop yourself to own a pair for your hands. The bangles are carved in different shapes, and the pattern on the edges of the pearl is embossed to give it a designer touch and appear beautiful. These bangles can be made in different metals also.

14. Diamond Pearl Bangles:

Diamond is well known for its clarity, lustre, and dazzling sparks. The diamonds and pearls are the perfect combinations. You can wear these bangles on any occasion and even at parties and weddings. You don’t require any specific outfit to match with the diamond bangle. They look amazing on your hands and give you royal touch also.

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15. Kundan Pearl Bangles:

Kundan bangles are the most preferred jewel as it shines and has a sparking effect. When the pearl is studded in between the kundan, the mix of both is a great combination and makes the bangle look gorgeous. They have a rich and has a royal touch. It looks grand but very elegant in hands.

Jewellery is known to enhance the personality and lend a pretty look. The ornaments worn by people even help to describe a person’s fashion and help to mark an impression on others. Pearl bangles are the perfect ornaments, and they can be worn by girls, teenage girls, and women. It is a perfect choice and can be worn on any occasion. You get sizzling and authentic bangles designs, and you can choose according to your taste and fashion.

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