Pedro Pascal Fell Asleep Filming Oberyn’s Brutal Game Of Thrones Death

Game of Thrones alum Pedro Pascal humorously opened up about how he fell asleep while filming Oberyn Martell’s death during season 4. Introduced in Game of Thrones season 4, the headstrong Oberyn volunteers to fight the Mountain during Tyrion Lannister’s trial by combat. When the battle happens in season 4, episode 8, “The Mountain and the Viper,” Oberyn has the upper hand at first until his gloating distracts him, allowing the Mountain to win. He triumphs by crushing Oberyn’s eyes, one of Game of Thrones‘ most unforgiving and goriest death scenes.


Speaking on an episode of Hot Ones from First We Feast, Pascal divulged that he fell asleep filming Oberyn’s Game of Thrones death scene.

In the clip (which starts at 9:04), he discusses how his final scene in Game of Thrones was filmed before revealing that he was asleep while it was being filmed. Check out Pascal’s full statement below:

“I got my head crushed in. It was the best part of the day. It was so hot when we were shooting that scene. He’s over me and he puts his thumbs into my eyes. And they’ve got piping, tubing, through his body into his forearms to his thumbs and just pumping this cool blood. So gentle, like the gentlest guy ever. Felt no pressure at all, and he was so hyper-aware of it. I couldn’t even feel his weight on me as he basically straddled me. There were all of these fleshy bits that they were placing all over my face and pumping blood so that it would pool and spread through the amphitheater for this good wide shot of the two of us from above.

And I was dead asleep. Because it was so hot, and this stuff was so cooling to the touch, and you had to be really, really still. That was the most relaxing. And knowing that we’d gotten to the end of this four-day fight that we were shooting out there. It was very cathartic, and I went into the deepest sleep I’ve been in. I realize now that, because I’m not a very good sleeper, I need to be laid down, with pieces of flesh, gelatinous, cool to the touch, face meat, and pooling blood. And maybe I’ll finally get a good f***ing night’s sleep!”

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Why Oberyn’s Game Of Thrones Death Was So Shocking

Pascal’s story about falling asleep filming Oberyn’s death is ironic, given the brutal nature of his demise. The scene is important to the Game of Thrones story since it results in Tyrion being sentenced to death due to Oberyn’s loss. This forces Tyrion to escape King’s Landing, killing his father Tywin before joining Daenerys Targaryen.

The reason why Oberyn engaged in Tyrion’s trial by combat was for vengeance against the Mountain for killing his sister, Elia. Because Oberyn almost bested the Mountain, it appeared he would get his revenge against the knight. His win also would have secured Tyrion’s freedom, ensuring he wouldn’t have to die for his wrongful conviction of killing Joffrey Baratheon. However, Oberyn’s hubris got the better of him, a shocking turn of events given how adamant he was about avenging Elia. Although Oberyn’s stint on the HBO hit show was short, he remains one of the more popular characters due to Pascal’s charming performance.

Oberyn Martell eventually became Pascal’s breakout role that helped prevail in his acting career with projects, including Narcos and The Last of Us. It also isn’t the first time Pascal recollected a sleeping-related story. Earlier this year, he shared that he forgot he got cast as Joel in The Last of Us because he was dozed from taking Ambien during the call. Nevertheless, Pascal may have fallen asleep during Oberyn’s Game of Thrones demise, but the character’s importance lived on long after the Mountain had defeated him.

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