Peplum Tops Are Back From The 2010s’ Grave — & Now They’re Actually Cute

They say bad news comes in threes and that’s felt undeniably true as of late. There’s apparently a Champagne shortage, the air appears to be perpetually on fire, and, in slightly less grave but nonetheless disturbing news, peplum tops have made a comeback.

What’s a peplum top, you might ask, your eyes wide and full of innocence? Oh, my sweet summer child, let me tell you about the many horrors I’ve seen and endured. Many moons ago (the 2010s, to be exact), you couldn’t swing a Gucci Marmont bag at a Lady Bird screening without hitting someone wearing a peplum top — a Frankenstein-esque shirt and skirt combination that mixed all the fun of officewear with a ruffle wide enough to prevent you from entering narrower doorways. 

And now, dear readers, fashion experts say the peplum top’s day has once again come — and, like that ex that finally started getting their hair cut professionally and stopped wearing sandals with socks — they’re looking better than ever. They’re smaller! They’re cuter! They’re not universally made of that weird scuba material anymore! With that in mind, we’re bringing you the best peplum tops, whether you’re trying to accentuate your hips or conceal the mountain of nachos you ate for lunch. So cue up the Tame Impala, bust out that inner lip tattoo, and get ready to channel your 2010s glory days with these peplum styles.

The Best Sleeveless Peplum Tops

The classic peplum silhouette can transition seamlessly from summer to fall with these sleeveless options, which come in materials ranging from faux leather to comfy elastane blends.

The Best Short-Sleeve Peplum Tops

Want a bit of protection from the sun with your peplum? These short-sleeve tops will keep your shoulders covered — making them perfect for fall’s cooler weather, too.

The Best Strapless Peplum Tops

The hottest days call for the smallest shirts. These strapless peplum tops are perfect for everything from beach trips to casual summer weddings.


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