Poppy Delevingne Talks Modeling and Shopping with Lifestyle Mirror

British model and actress Poppy Delevingne sits down for a chat with Lifestyle Mirror and talks about how she and her sister Cara Delevinge trade modeling tips, but she also reveals her favorite places to shop around the world and the nickname she calls her fiancé. Speaking about the beginnings of her career as a model, Poppy recalls that, “I was fourteen probably. Modeling definitely wasn’t on my agenda at all. You know, I really wanted to be a writer. And I wanted to be a teacher. I wanted to do all sorts of things. So I made sure I finished school. I did my exams. And then I wanted to travel the world and needed some cash, and instead of being a waitress, I thought why not give modeling a go? And that was it.”

The 26-year-old blonde beauty says that she and her sister Cara “are supportive of each other’s careers.” “We have very different careers, we look very different, we’re different ages…different stages…and it’s brilliant because we can be really supportive and loving with each other about it, and there’s no sense of competition. It’s just pure pride. Actually, I’m extremely proud of her and what she has achieved at such a young age in a short time. It’s quite remarkable and I love watching her get better and better every time,” Poppy explains.

In her interview with Lifestyle Mirror, Poppy also shares the modeling advice she gave to her sister. “I probably did, but she probably misinterpreted it. I think I always told her to never be late, but she’s always late…so there you go. Cara’s not someone who needs advice. She sort of knows that game pretty well. She’s a businesswoman. She’s very smart. She’s brilliant with people. And I think that’s what’s so special about her and why that’s part of her success,” the Brit It girl says.

On moving back to the States, Poppy explains that, “I can’t wait to go to L.A. in January because that will be fun for the acting. It’ll be really good because I can switch off the modeling and really concentrate and really throw myself into it.”

Poppy recently got engaged to James Cook and she admits that she doesn’t like to use the word fiancé. “No, I’ve got this weird thing about fiancé…I think it sounds a bit cheesy, so I call him my biancé [pronounced “Beyoncé”] because it’s a mixture between boyfriend and fiancé. But he gets really pissed off about it because he thinks it sounds a bit silly…not very manly. I don’t care. I call him that anyway,” Delevingne told Lifestyle Mirror.

What about her favorite New York hangouts? “Obviously, I love Tea and Sympathy, being a Brit girl. I love to come here when I’m feeling a little bit homesick and you know, eat baked beans and toast and bangers and mash. I love Balthazar in SoHo, I go crazy for that shepherd’s pie. I love going to the Dream Hotel for cocktails. I love the Boom Boom Room for late nights. I love Café Gitane, they do the best baked pasta and best avocado toast in the world. Oh and I love Miss Lily’s. That’s pretty amazing,” Poppy says.

Photos courtesy of Lifestyle Mirror

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