Raymond Reddington’s Real Identity Will Be Somewhat Confirmed In Blacklist Series Finale

The real identity of Raymond Reddington will be somewhat revealed in The Blacklist‘s series finale. Ever since the NBC series debuted in 2013, one of the major questions surrounding the show has been who Raymond Reddington really is and why he cares so much about Elizabeth Keen. That mystery became even more important with the introduction of the infamous bones that were revealed to be the bones of the real Raymond Reddington. Yet, ten years and ten seasons later, the mystery of Reddington’s true identity has not been directly answered.


While showing the final day of shooting on location for The Blacklist season 10, director Christine Gee was asked on Instagram whether Reddington’s real identity will be revealed by the end of the final season. According to Gee, the show may have already answered this mystery, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be more clues before it ends. Read Gee’s full response below:

”If you’ve been paying close attention to the things Red says, then you already know. But there will be an exchange in the final episode that will say it indirectly.”

Does Reddington’s True Identity Matter Anymore?

Elizabeth Keen was the character most invested in revealing who Raymond Reddington really is. She wanted to understand why he cared about her so much and whether he was her real father. Following Elizabeth’s death in the Blacklist season 8 finale, the emotional stakes behind uncovering Reddington’s identity were significantly diminished. There are characters still alive on The Blacklist who could learn the truth, but it won’t have the same impact as when Elizabeth was alive.

As Gee suggested, those paying close attention to what Reddington has said throughout the series already know the truth. The prevailing theory is that Reddington is actually Elizabeth’s mother and former KGB intelligence officer Katarina Rostova. The montage of intercutting scenes featuring Reddington and Katarina that played as Elizabeth died added further credence to this theory, suggesting that Elizabeth came to the realization in her final moments even though it was never said aloud. The Katarina theory may be indirectly confirmed by the exchange that Gee teases for the upcoming Blacklist series finale.

While it may not matter as much to the surviving characters, Reddington’s identity still matters a great deal to many who are still watching The Blacklist. Given how much the series has teased this mystery over the years, not directly confirming Red’s identity could end up being a divisive way to end the show. Beloved characters, including Tom Keen and Mr. Kaplan, died in part because of the secret surrounding the real Reddington’s bones. Their sacrifices and many other iconic moments in The Blacklist may not hold up if Reddington’s identity is left ambiguous.

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