Remember Gorpcore? H&M Brings Back The Trend With Its Latest Collection

Unless you’re allergic or have some sort of vendetta against desiccated grapes, you’ve probably enjoyed a handful of “good ‘ol raisins and peanuts,” aka trail mix, in your time. In 2017, that wholesome snack lent its name to “gorpcore,” an aesthetic defined by performance and utility, so that you could step straight off the L train onto some upstate hike without skipping a beat.

Why are we dropping this soupçon of fashion history? To introduce H&M‘s Fall/Winter 2021 collection, which combines athleisure, function, and tech for a fresh take on a now-ubiquitous way of dressing. “I love the duality of this collection; we wanted to bring the practical elements of outdoor gear to our trend-focused customers,” says Maria Östblom, head of design for womenswear. And with the majority of the lineup made from more sustainably sourced materials, as well as organic and recycled fabrics, the brand is doing its part to ensure there’s even a planet left to wear nifty convertible anoraks on. Ahead, see the drop’s best jumpsuits, stirrup leggings, and — get this — quarter-zip dickeys, before shopping the full range in-store and online on September 30.

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