Retro Fashion Style Guide

There is one trend that will never go out of fashion and that is the retro trend. Sophisticated and feminine dresses, fluid, with retro accents of the ’80s, but also with reminiscences of the ’60s and ’70s, light, sheer and sophisticated fabrics, with different prints are the answer when it comes to retro fashion.

‘40s fashion

The ’40 have brought a major change in the feminine fashion, passing from elegance for every occasion to more comfortable outfits, less pretentious ones, which anticipated, for the first time, the woman’s emancipation that was about to come.

Designers adapted the masculine sack coat to the feminine silhouette, while tailor-made suits and deux-pièces (skirt and jacket) became a characteristic of the decade. The suit has round shoulders, the waist is thinner and hips emphasized, the skirt is longer and shoes have high, thin heels. As for the accessories, pearls, gloves, colored shoes and hats characterized that era.

Feminine items, round well-defined embroidered shoulders in pastel colors, cropped silhouette and elaborated hairstyles are the elements that describe the ‘40s fashion.

For an evening outfit, pearls are the ones that better emphasize a ‘40s look. Choose high-quality pieces and avoid plastic ones, and go for simple necklaces. Round oversized sunglasses and simple handbags with geometrical line are perfect for a daytime, casual look, matched with a deux-pièces, a cropped dress or a simple trench with round shoulders.


The ‘60s are characterized by perfect elegance, straight lines, and minimalism using dots, pastels in contrast with red and blue, and maxi bows. The first half of the ’60s was more conservative resembling a lot with the ’50s, while the second half was highly influenced by the social changes which brought a different vision in the fashion world, a bolder one when women started to wear pants and pants suits.

The white-black contrast is associated with the absolute elegance, if there is a compositional balance of the outfit. Wear a simple dress with accessories that reproduce minimal graphics, stripes, dots or checkered prints.

A-line skirts can be transformed in modern items if accessorized with colorful jewelry. Wear them with a simple top and platform shoes.

Be daring and wear ample skirts matched with embroidered blouses, hats and accessories belonging to that period such as pearl necklaces or scarves.

Capri pants were worn in the ’60s for casual activities. Match them with masculine shirts or simple tops, and pair them with ballerina flats or flat sandals.


Colorful, maxi breezy dresses, cropped vests and handbags with floral prints. Flared jeans are the perfect option for a daytime look, if paired with a simple top or an embroidered peasant top. Accessorize everything with a leather handbag in earthy tones and high platforms.

Choose an ethnic handmade necklace if you are wearing a maxi dress, a hair accessory with flowers or a floral scarf. Take wooden bracelets, superposed, if you are wearing denim.


Characterized by extravagance, the ‘80s mean oversized shoulders, short breezy dresses, t-shirts with colorful prints, opulent accessories or metallic jackets worn with evening dresses and super high-heels. Layered chain necklaces, clip earrings and metallic bracelets shouldn’t miss from your wardrobe if you love ‘80s fashion. Wear them with leggings, shorts in neon shades, and asymmetrical t-shirts.

Tulle dresses are the perfect choice for a cocktail. Pair them with a sequined clutch in effervescent shades, a maxi brooch and manicure in electric blue.

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