Shadow & Bone Art Surrounds Inej With Crows In Meticulous Drawing

Fan favorite Shadow and Bone character Inej Ghafa is fittingly surrounded by crows in a stunning digital drawing. Inej was first introduced in Leigh Bardugo’s novels Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom. These novels are part of the Grishaverse that began with Bardugo’s Shadow and Bone trilogy. Netflix’s Shadow and Bone television series adapted storylines and characters from the trilogy and from the Six of Crows duology, including Inej.


On Instagram, @artctoo shared a beautifully detailed digital drawing featuring Inej surrounded by crows, along with drawings focused on each individual crow, one of whom has a dagger clutched in its mouth.

Inej is a member of the Crows of Ketterdam in Bardugo’s novels and in the Netflix series, making the use of literal crows in the drawing a fitting choice. It is also worth noting that there are three crows in the picture, which may be a nod to Inej being one of the three main Crows alongside Kaz Brekker and Jesper Fahey.

What Is The Future Of The Shadow & Bone Franchise?

Following the release of Shadow and Bone season 2, it was revealed that there are plans for Shadow and Bone season 3 and that a Six of Crows spinoff series is in development. Netflix has not yet announced whether Shadow and Bone is renewed for another season or if the spinoff series has been greenlit. The Shadow and Bone season 2 finale set up storylines for both series with Nikolai Lantsov’s coronation ceremony and Kaz telling the Crows about their most lucrative job yet, both of which relate to a powerful and dangerous drug known as jurda parem.

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In the Six of Crows novel, the introduction of jurda parem is what drives the Crows to take on the perilous Ice Court heist, which will also be the main plot of the Six of Crows spinoff series. The spinoff will need to reunite Inej with Kaz and the other Crows of Ketterdam, as she is now sailing around the world on a mission to find her long-lost brother, along with tracking and disrupting slave ships.

Many elements from the Six of Crows duology have already been adapted into Shadow and Bone seasons 1 and 2, including some of the Crows’ most defining moments from the novels. Fortunately, the story of the Ice Court heist remains untouched, which gives the fan-favorite Crows the chance to be the stars of their own spinoff. Meanwhile, the story of Alina Starkov, King Nikolai, and the future of Ravka can remain the focus of Shadow and Bone season 3.

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