Sponsored by GOD: On the Quest to Becoming one of the Hottest Fashion Brands

By: Tiffany Jansen

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” is one of the favourite bible quotes of designer Gwen Madiba. Born in Libreville, Gabon, the designer moved to Canada at the age of 7. She developed a deep love for style and fashion. In 2020, during the pandemic, after an 8-year break from the fashion world, she took a leap of faith and launched her brand “Sponsored by God”. Within months, the brand caught the eye of many celebrities, stylists, and public personalities.

Soon after its launch, the brand landed a spot of Beyonce’s Stylist, Zerina Akers’ Black Owned Everything platform and was seen on various celebrities. From the Chief Operating Officer of LL COOL J Inc, Claudine Joseph to designer Simone Smith, wife of LL Cool J and owner of Simone Smith Jewelry, many people are praising the quality and designs of Ms. Madiba.

Madiba, who is the former Official Representative of the Honorable Nelson Mandela family in North America through the Mandela Legacy Foundation states that she thinks of everything she does in terms of “Legacy” and wants to inspire people to walk in their full power and have faith. “Believing is one thing, but having faith is a whole different ball game! I am hoping that when people see the messages on the garments, they are reminded that they can overcome anything that life throws at them; and that choosing faith is choosing victory!” She adds that “In a world in which God is not even recognized, celebrated and loved unanimously, we cannot expect to be recognized, celebrated and loved unanimously!”

With sales skyrocketing over the past 10 months, the brand is set to make its first six figures before its first anniversary.

The brand offers a variety of comfortable clothes, from their signature SBG trench coats to sweatsuits and t-shirts. You will find something you’ll love!

For more information, visit the brand’s website at: www.sponsoredbygod.ca