Station 19 Renewed For Season 7 With One Major Change

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Station 19 season 6, episode 15Station 19 has been renewed for season 7, which will se a shift in showrunners for the popular drama. The series follows an ensemble cast of characters working at the Seattle Fire Department as they juggle work and relationships. The show is also a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy, which has had multiple crossovers with the series in the past, the last of which being the tense cliffside rescue in early 2022 that spanned three episodes across the two shows.


Now, Variety reports that Station 19 season 7 has been confirmed, as well as a shift in showrunners moving forward. Krista Vernoff, who has served as showrunner since season 3, will be succeeded by head writer Zoanne Clack and director Peter Paige. Clack released a statement about Station 19’s exciting future, which can be read below:

I feel incredibly honored to be entrusted with this dynamic and relevant show alongside Peter. The diversity of the cast, writers, and crew in addition to their enormous talent and dedication to their craft makes this a thrilling adventure to undertake. We are excited about the stories we get to tell using this worldwide platform and both understand the responsibility of being able to share them as we reach into millions of homes weekly. Many thanks to Krista and Shondaland for this opportunity and their faith in us.

What To Expect From Station 19 Season 7

Recent major twists in Station 19 season 6 have proven the drama has many more stories left to tell with its large cast of characters. In season 6, episode 15, Merle Dandridge’s Natasha admitted that she was in a relationship with Boris Kodjoe’s Sullivan, causing the pair to argue about the past. Meanwhile, Stefania Spampinato’s Carina and Danielle Savre’s Maya are seen trying to rebuild their relationship throughout the episode.

Related: Station 19 Season 6 Episode 15’s 5 Most Significant Moments ExplainedThe number of character-driven storylines in Station 19 season 6 are indicative of how the show can continue deepening the drama with season 7. Major events like Jay Hayden’s Travis dropping out of the mayoral race are defining moments of season 6, which makes it likely season 7 will continue to explore the personal lives and ambitions of its major characters while adding new stakes throughout.

With Clack and Paige now showrunners, the series may also feel different going into season 7, should the pair have a new vision for the show’s presentation. Clack’s statement highlights the idea of season 7 as a “thrilling adventure,” which could signal more harrowing firefighting scenes in the show’s future. No matter how Station 19 evolves in season 7, Clack and Paige’s previous work on the series means characters will still have plenty of new, dramatic storylines in their futures while staying true to what came before.

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