Stephen King Gives Seal Of Approval To Returning Horror Show

A returning science fiction/horror series, From, has gotten the Stephen King seal approval. The series, which premiered in February 2022, is in the midst of airing season 2, with season 3 already in active development for MGM+. From follows the residents of a spooky middle America city that traps anyone who enters as they strive to survive and find a way out past the supernatural nocturnal creatures that live in the forest surrounding them.


After watching the third episode of From season 2, titled “Tether,” acclaimed horror/supernatural author Stephen King voiced his support of the writers and creators for being able to handle the intriguing premise of the series satisfyingly. King also shared some macro theories about the show as well as what seemed like an impressed reaction to a specific scene. Check out King’s tweet below:

What Makes From A Successful Horror/Supernatural Series

While the series has yet to reach a mass audience, those who have tuned into From have been pleasantly surprised and horrified by the show’s unique premise and eerie vibe. The show has also garnered favorable comparisons to another supernatural show about a group of people stuck somewhere they don’t want to be: Lost. Although Lost didn’t finish particularly strong, it had a similarly intriguing premise paired with an overall tone of impending doom.

That’s not where the similarities end either. Harold Perrineau was a series regular on Lost for several seasons and now leads a very talented cast in From as the self-appointed sheriff and mayor of the Township, Boyd Stevens. Jack Bender, who served as a producer on Lost and directed 43 episodes, serves as executive producer on From and has also directed seven episodes of this series as well. Other Lost alumni working on From include writers and producers Javier Grillo-Marxuach and Jeff Pinkner.

From has been receiving nearly universal acclaim, sporting a 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes to go with an 85 percent audience score. The guards in the woods around the Township put the characters and viewers on edge, but the fact that the series is making these creatures appear in human form with nightmarish smiles reminiscent of the hit horror movie Smile is what really makes people squirm. From has kept the audience guessing, leaving them with some burning questions after the season 1 finale, but showing the creativity and resolve to pay some of them off in season 2.

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