Stevie Boi Eyewear

Rihanna loves him, Lady Gaga does the same, and so are Beyonce or Santigold. And lately, magazines have also become in love with his creations. Daring, powerful, funny and unique, Stevie Boi eyewear definitely made quite an impression if the fascinating world of fashion.

His label, Toxic, first appeared on the market three years ago, back in 2020, and since then, it kept rising. After all, not many designers choose to create unique accessories from former clothes, using recycled materials.

All Stevie Boi’s designs are manufactured, which means that each pair of sunglasses has been awarded with the same attention and care as all others. Maybe that’s the reason why these sunglasses seem to be the new trendsetters, along with his clothing line. Nowadays sold worldwide, Boi’s sunglasses are definitely hot! They can easily turn anyone into a star by just wearing them at a party!

With the most important thing in his life being his art work, as the designer declared in an interview, Stevie Boi concentrates on his career, bringing it to the next level: a true recognized label. His signature is a certain blend between geometrical lines and futuristic accents, while turning all Stevie Boi alternative style into one strong label.

You can get Stevie Boi eyewear at from $20 to $130.

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