Studded Accessory Style Trend 2020

Studded Accessory Style Trend 2020

Studded accessories fought their way from one season and even year to the next one when it comes of accessory trends. Indeed the studded accessory style trend 2020 managed to enchant the public with a multitude of designs that come in various colors, sizes as well as designs. Some designers managed to stick to the Glam Rock style others would diverge from the traditional looks and composed fashion operas in a more formal and high brow manner. The studs flooded both shoes, bags and other cute accessories jazzing up the plain and mono-chromatic looks with a tint of modern and rugged vibe. Those who are fond of the glam diva look and at the same time feminine apparels will have the opportunity to take a glimpse at the latest accessories below that would serve as the universal style pieces of a chic wardrobe.


Rock’n’Roll is not the only subculture and style associated with studs, Punks and even Boho chic admirers would find it a huge pleasure to enrich their outfit parade with similar accessories. One of the secrets to find the best prop to crown your uber-voguish look is indeed to think of fabrics and tones. These two factors would be able to determine the flawless condition of your appearance. In this case consider some of these useful tips to choose the best accessories for your look.

In case your are eager to sport a Rock diva outfit or a Glam Rock apparel make sure you don’t forget about the other signature details of a Glam Rock look. These would include leather or denim as the basis as well as style items as jeans be it distressed or plain skinny, as well as the cute motorcycle jacket. This look is indeed for those who would like to flaunt their sophisticated fashion attitude and charisma. Make the best combos when it comes of trendy color. You don’t have to stick to neutrals. Instead rely on your sense for matching colors for the desired effect.


Studded shoes and bags shouldn’t be skipped when organizing your Rock outfit. These would look also fabulous when pierced into your festival as well as rock concert outfit. One of the secrets to succeed is undoubtedly to consider your body shape and spot the most flattering fashion items from your wardrobe. You can also complete your outfit with studded sunglasses as well as belts. All these play a crucial role in the overall effect.

Some might flirt with the idea of sporting studs but in a more moderate and restrained manner. In this case leave the motorcycle and leather jacket at home and instead look for studded jewelry and hair accessories. These can still make you feel like nailing down the trend. The numerous bangles, necklace as well as ring designs from famous fashion stores and great designers would make you feel confident still less eye-popping and edgy as in the case of a rocker.

Moreover in the case of shoes and bags choose fabrics that are more sophisticated and radiate softness and a Boho chic allure rather than the ‘wild thing’. Suede and cotton paired with studs as well as additional decorations in the traditional designs of this clothing style would make the proper attitude to master the studded accessory trend 2020.




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