Summer Trends: Chic Hairstyles with Clip in Pony Tails & Bangs

Summer is here. And that means that it’s time to switch up hairstyles and pick up trends of the season that would let your hair take a breather from the humidity and sweaty mess. The best hairstyle that would suit a hot and humid day is a cute or unique updo. And fortunately, they are in trend these days, and there are several ways you can go about tying your hair in a ponytail. 

Rocking a ponytail can be hard sometimes. Not every ponytail style suits everyone and is easy to wear. Moreover, one thing that ponytails require is the volume that not every hair type is able to produce. For this reason, clipping in some hair extensions can be a better and more stylish measure. So here are some promising hairstyles with clip-in ponytails and bangs: a match that goes well together:

High Pony Tail with a Fringe

High and flowing ponytails are a trend that will always stay in fashion or keep coming back. And thankfully, they are in season this year. A high ponytail looks excellent with a decent fringe in the front. It depends on you how you want the rim to be, but curtain fringes parted in the middle would look great this summer. You can add as much volume as you require and length too by choosing the right toned clip-in ponytail for your hair. 

Braided Ponytail with Side Fringe

Braids are versatile and look good on almost any occasion. However, it’s best to have some extensions in for creating voluminous braids in your hair that make the best look. A side fringe would pair best with braided hair and be a great addition to the whole fairytale look. As for the braid, you can create your own look and experiment as much as you like with braids on different sides of your hair to find the best suitable look. 

Two Tails and Volume Bangs

Unlike the previously mentioned ponytails, mastering a two-tail can be tricky. No matter how pro you are, you will have to take the hairstyle off many times and get it made again to perfect the look. However, once perfected, there won’t be an image that looks better. You can go with no bangs at all for creating a cute yet bold two tails hairstyle or add a set of voluminous clip-on bangs that would go well.

Low Ponytail with Choppy Bangs

Low ponytails don’t have to look dull. They can help you rock an elegant yet sexy look easily if styled well. A low ponytail can be created by tying hair loosely at the bottom to make a prom-like hairstyle or arranged in a messy look that looks cute. You can also rock choppy bangs with a low ponytail to add some excitement to it. Make sure to help the whole style come together naturally, or it could get out of place. Use a cute hair accessory to tie the hair together at the bottom.