Super Mario Bros Movie Is Streaming At Home Soon

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is about to become available for streaming. After an incredible box office run that saw the project earn over $1 billion, the movie is almost ready to be viewed outside of theaters. Considering that the Mario franchise is best known for video games, it is fitting that it will already be gearing up to be viewed in the same place that most gaming sessions take place: Homes.

According to an announcement from Optimum, The Super Mario Bros. Movie will officially be available to stream starting on May 16. Check out the announcement below:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released on April 5, making it a remarkably quick turnaround for such a successful blockbuster movie. It’s especially surprising after the film became the highest-grossing movie of 2023 after a mere 10 days in theaters.

Why Is The Super Mario Bros. Movie VOD Releasing So Soon?

The Super Mario Bros. Movie will have nine more days in theaters before it can officially be streamed. While it suffered from mixed reviews, the project has still sustained success through nostalgia and an appeal to audiences, rather than critics. Through streaming platforms, The Super Mario Bros. Movie can achieve an even wider audience, further bypassing the negative reactions that critics have been publicizing.

Hollywood continues its positive box office momentum in the wake of the complete theatrical collapse from the pandemic, and The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been a key part of that success. That’s what makes the decision to move to streaming so quickly so surprising. While recent blockbusters Top Gun: Maverick, Avatar: The Way of Water, and John Wick: Chapter Four have proven that Hollywood is still capable of churning out massive hits, the industry has been forced to adapt. Streaming releases have become a part of that strategy.

Universal and Cinemark are already releasing movies to streaming only 17 days after their initial launch in theaters, but other companies have held off slightly longer. Avatar: The Way of Water‘s streaming date was held until March 28, despite its December 16 release. The Super Mario Bros. Movie is falling squarely between the two release schedules, likely owing to its massive box office success.

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