Survivor Already Has The Perfect DLC Lightsaber Stance

If Respawn Entertainment decides to release a Star Wars Jedi: Survivor DLC, it already has the perfect lightsaber stance to add to the mix. The current suite of stances already provides enough gameplay variety to last several playthroughs. Still, it would be interesting to see where this feature could go in the future, either in expansions to Jedi: Survivor or possibly even a sequel.


Admittedly, an additional stance could be risky since it could throw off the established difficulty balancing or overwhelm the player with choices. Jedi: Survivor’s current lightsaber stances feel like a good number of selections. Plus, it covers just about every type of lightsaber variant imaginable, so it can be hard to picture where this feature could go next. However, one lightsaber is just too cool not to add in a potential DLC or even a sequel: the Inquisitors’ spinning lightsaber.

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The Inquisitor Lightsaber Would Be A Great Stance For Jedi: Survivor DLC

The Inquisitors’ double-bladed spinning lightsaber has become an iconic addition to the Star Wars canon. It’s already present in both Jedi: Fallen Order and Jedi: Survivor, so it would make sense if one found its way into Cal’s hands. Of course, he already uses a double-bladed saber, so the Inquisitor’s blade would have to offer a different playstyle than what is currently available. Perhaps this could take the form of a faster, more aggressive move set that uses the blade’s ability to spin and pick the user up off the ground. This could add a new level of depth to Jedi: Survivor’s already stellar lightsaber combat.

Other Lightsaber Variants That Jedi: Survivor’s DLC Or Sequel Could Use

Another lightsaber variant that could be the basis for a new lightsaber stance in Jedi: Survivor is the curved hilt lightsaber like the one Count Dooku used. Admittedly, this could simply be an aesthetic modification to the standard single blade. Doing so, however, would waste the potential it has to employ different combat techniques. These hilts allow for more precise attacks, and Jedi: Survivor could benefit from a stance that emulates the precision reminiscent of a rapier. Thrust-based attacks work well in games like Elden Ring, so it’s pretty easy to see how this playstyle could translate to Jedi: Survivor.

One particularly exciting lightsaber variant that could be a potential stance in a Jedi: Survivor DLC or its sequel is the lightwhip. It’s rarely implemented in Star Wars, but it has precedence in canon. For example, a notable character in the High Republic book series, Vernestra Rwoh, prominently used a lightwhip-style blade. Given Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s High Republic connections, seeing it in the future is not out of the realm of possibility. Also, the lightwhip has a strong association with the Nightsisters of Dathomir, so it’s also possible that Merrin could be the one to teach Cal how to design and use one.

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