Swimwear Trends to Rock This Season!

If you’re ready to hit the beach or lounge by the pool, you’ll need a trendy swimsuit that’s also flattering in every way. Discover the most important trends this year, from flounce tops to high-waisted bottoms.

Check out some of the most interesting swimwear trends of 2020, and pick your favorite that works best with your style and your shape. Whether you prefer prints or solid colors, there are plenty of stylish choices for Spring/Summer 2020.

Swimwear 2020: Flounce Bikini Tops

The perfect choice for women who want to add a little volume to their bustline, flounce bikini tops are one of the hottest trends right now, seen on the runway in collections from Wildfox to Maaji. 

You’ll find the flounce element on a wide variety of styles, from bandeaus to triangle tops, and you can decide for yourself whether you want to go retro with this trend, or take a more modern and edgy approach.

Bikini Trends 2020: High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

One of the most flattering swimwear trends in 2020, bikini bottoms with a high waist are definitely the right choice when you feel like your abs need a bit more work. Mara Hoffman, Amapo and plenty of other designers have included them in collections for Spring/Summer 2020, and high-waisted bikini bottoms also fit the retro style.

Swimwear Trends 2020: Tribal Prints

From Cia Maritima and Frankies to Suboo and Luli Fama, brightly colored prints are definitely making a big impact this season. No matter the cut, a tribal print instantly makes your swimwear on trend, but if you’re not really excited about this kind of print, florals should be your second choice. There’s also a monochrome trend this season, but prints are always more fun.

Bikini Trends: Crop Tops

Mirroring the crop top trend, high neck bikini tops that turn into crop tops are also one of the big swimwear trends in 2020. Of course, if you plan on getting a tan, this style of swimwear is definitely a wrong choice, but if you keep yourself covered with the right sunscreen, you can enjoy this sporty and chic trend this summer.

Swimsuits 2020: Sheer Paneling

Mesh and sheer paneling is an elegant and unexpected trend for swimsuits in Spring/Summer 2020, but you can definitely enjoy them if you pick a flattering cut. From Minimale Animale to Adriana Degreas, there are plenty of cool designer options that feature sheer panels. The most obvious choice for this trend is a one piece swimsuit, but you’ll also find two piece ones with sheer paneling.

Bikini Trends: Ruffled Bikini Tops

Just like flounce tops are trendy, ruffles are also shaping up as one of the most important swimwear trends in 2020. From Maaji to Zimmermann, ruffled bikini tops are an excellent option for a smaller bust, since they add volume and can also add a lot, even when they’re the only decorative element on a simple, single color swimsuit.

Swim Trends 2020: Cut-Outs on One-Piece Swimsuits

While sheer panels and straps can add a sexy touch to a swimsuit, this season’s best option are cut-outs. Agua de Coco, Movimento, Osklen and Sauvage have experimented with really sexy monokinis, adding cut-outs that can highlight your silhouette, and let you show off plenty of skin, while still looking chic.

Bikini Trends 2020: Mismatched Pieces

One of the most interesting swimwear trends of 2020, mismatched tops and bottoms give you the freedom to experiment and create your own unique look. You’ll also find plenty of mismatched sets, from the likes of Dsquared and Maaji, with both different colors and different textures for the bikini top and bottom.

Swimwear 2020: Leather Bikinis

Either faux or real, leather swimsuits are one of the most extravagant trends for Spring/Summer 2020. Seen in collections from Dolores Cortes and Adriana Degreas, the leather look isn’t for everyone, but it can help you create a truly dramatic look, with or without sexy straps.

Swim Trends 2020: Long-Sleeve Swimsuits

If you want to stand out at the beach or by the pool even more, try one of the quirkiest swimwear trends in 2020, the long sleeve swimsuit. Mara Hoffman, Cia Maritima and Belusso showcased a wide variety of options, from more demure one piece swimsuits to two piece ones that add a lot of drama thanks to the unexpected sleeves.




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