Tears Of The Kingdom Still Suffers From BOTW’s Most Obnoxious Problem

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has made many improvements over Breath of the Wild, but still has managed to carry over a particularly frustrating problem for players. The developers have created this wonderful experience to be an incredible open-world design with vast areas to explore and countless things to do. The story is captivating and the new game mechanics with Link’s abilities are innovative and give new ways to use creativity and imagination within the game, but even a game as amazing as this is still flawed in some ways.


Despite BOTW being a masterpiece in its own right, TOTK is better than BOTW in many ways. The developers seem to have looked at many of the common issues fans had with BOTW and took measures to improve upon it for this sequel. Just as Breath of the Wild was for 2017, Tears of the Kingdom is well on its way to being the 2023 Game of the Year, and for good reason. The game is a must-play experience, but there are still some little frustrations that could have been easily corrected.

TOTK Suffers From A Frustrating Amount Of Dialog & Cutscenes

The dialog in Tears of the Kingdom is very good and fits well with the Zelda franchise, but there is a lot of it. The dialog and cutscenes in the game can take a lot of time and are not always easy to skip, or sometimes are impossible to skip. Just to buy or sell an item or other simple tasks which happen frequently over the course of the game, there are many lines that need to be clicked through every single time which is tedious and time-consuming when it doesn’t really need to be.

Many Of TOTK’s Mechanics Could Be Streamlined

Even aside from the dialog, there are other game mechanics which players have to do over and over multiple times which can be a bit monotonous after a bit, such as with cooking. Though the new recipe book is a substantial improvement, players can only use it for reference and then still must enter Link’s inventory to take out all the items and throw them into the cooking pot rather than simply being able to click on the recipe. If the recipe book were to at least open up as soon as Link interacts with the cooking pot, it would be much simpler and quicker, and even better if the recipe would take items out of Link’s inventory and, similar to the Autobuild ability, simplify the process for players after they have already made the recipe previously.

TOTK may actually benefit from some of these repetitive tasks, however, in slowing things down a bit for players and giving them time to pause and appreciate a bit more of what they are doing. Yet, with the massive size of the game and the amount of quests and exploration to be completed, players may appreciate it more if they were given a chance to choose whether to slow down, or simply speed through dialog and other things they have already seen before. Nevertheless, The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is still an exquisite game, and even seeing the same dialog multiple times isn’t really much of a hinderance.

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