Ted Lasso Season 3 BTS Post Seemingly Confirms The Series Is Ending

Hours ahead of its release, a new behind-the-scenes post seemingly confirms the Ted Lasso season 3 finale is the end of the entire series. Premiered on Apple TV+ in 2020, the Emmy-winning comedy follows Jason Sudeikis as the lovable American football coach who is hired as manager of AFC Richmond with the owner’s secret intention of tanking the Premier League soccer team, though Ted eventually wins everyone over with his unrelenting optimism and folksy charm. Ahead of the Ted Lasso season 3 premiere, Sudeikis and others made many cryptic comments indicating it would be the final season.


Now, hours ahead of the Ted Lasso season 3 finale, a behind-the-scenes post from production designer Paul Cripps on Instagram seemingly confirms the series is ending. Check out the post below:

The BTS photos show the sets being taken down, with Cripps writing in the caption, “It’s the last episode of #TedLasso tonight.”

How The Ted Lasso Season 3 Finale Could Wrap Up The Series

Ted Lasso was developed by Sudeikis and his co-creators with a three-season plan in mind, though these photos of the sets being taken down, in combination with Cripps’ comment, is the clearest indication yet that the show is ending. After the Ted Lasso season 3 episode 11 ending hinted at the titular coach leaving AFC Richmond, the season 3 finale will likely see the Premier League team “winning the whole f*cking thing,” as Ted promised during the season 1 finale. After achieving his ultimate goal, Ted can happily return to Kansas to be with his son, Henry.

To complete his redemption arc, Nate will likely rejoin AFC Richmond’s coaching staff and possibly even fill the head coach vacancy following Ted’s departure. Though season 3 is seemingly the end of the main series, there is still a chance for a Ted Lasso spinoff, which some of the cast has commented on, that continues to follow AFC Richmond and its new head coach. The future of Ted Lasso will become clearer after the season 3 finale airs tonight on Apple TV+.

Source: Paul Cripps/Instagram

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