Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: 5 Biggest Story Reveals

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6!

Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 advances the show’s main storylines in several major ways as the final season reaches its midway point. The show has proven its willingness to advance the characters in surprising ways as the Ted Lasso series finale draws closer. Developments like Zava retiring from AFC Richmond, Keeley and Jack’s romance, and Rebecca not being able to have kids left most of the characters in precarious spots heading into Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6. The episode focused entirely on the aftermath of another AFC Richmond loss and the adventures that await the team in Amsterdam.

The events of Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 included big reveals for many of the characters and their stories. The general setup included Ted being left alone and thinking he was hallucinating from drugs, Roy and Jamie’s friendship growing to new levels, Rebecca losing her phone after falling into a river, and the AFC Richmond players trying to figure out the best way to bond as a team. The way that the stories progress from here is quite surprising. Here is a full Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 recap featuring the biggest reveals and developments.



5 Jack & Keeley’s Relationship Has Progressed (& Roy Knows It)

Jack and Keeley’s romance goes to new levels in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6. Instead of Jack and Keeley’s kiss being a fleeting moment in their lives, they have continued to grow closer in the time since. The episode indicates that a significant amount of time has passed since their initial hook-up, but Keeley ditches Rebecca in Amsterdam because Jack’s private jet is waiting for her to go see the aurora borealis. This allowed the show to confirm that Rebecca knows about Keeley and Jack’s relationship, but that also opened the door for Roy to do the same.

Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 includes confirmation that Roy heavily suspects that Keeley has a girlfriend. He says as much to Jamie near the end of the story, and it is Rebecca’s comment to him that is the biggest clue to the development. When he asks Rebecca where Keeley is going after the match, she says to be with someone who thinks they deserve her. It is a not-so-subtle shot at Roy’s insecurities and the reason he broke up with Keeley. It is clear that Roy is not over Keeley, which could mean all hope is not lost on them getting back together.

4 Two More Psychic Predictions Come True For Rebecca

Rebecca’s psychic storyline continued in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 with two more predictions coming true. Her mother’s psychic made plenty of predictions about what would happen to Rebecca in the future, and many of them have come true in the episodes that followed. Episode 6 makes it so two more of the predictions have come to pass, even if Rebecca does not fully recognize the significance of the event – as she did with the green matchbook or “shight in nining armor” saying.

The new psychic predictions that came true for Rebecca in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 include being upside down and drenched. This happened when she was knocked off balance by the bikers and fell over the bridge into the water. Rebecca flipping over the railing meant she fell while being upside down and became drenched. It becomes another example of the psychic being right and Rebecca’s life going exactly how she predicted it would go.

3 Trent Crimm Is Gay & Tells Colin He Knows His Secret

Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 also brings confirmation that Trent Crimm is gay. There has been debate about the character’s sexuality over the years and a feeling that he is coded as a gay man. While the previous seasons never addressed the topic directly, the new episode leaves no doubt that Trent is gay. He discusses having to hide this side of himself throughout his life in a conversation with Colin, and the two later party together at an Amsterdam gay bar. It marks an expansion on the season’s earlier reveal that Colin is gay and keeping his sexual preferences a secret from the world.

It was inevitable that Trent and Colin’s stories were bound to grow closer after he saw the AFC Richmond player kissing his boyfriend. Instead of this leading to a story where Trent outed Colin’s sexuality, Ted Lasso season 3 makes the better decision to have the secret be something that Trent can relate to. That is why Trent follows Colin when the latter opts out of team bonding activities. It was not just a chance for Trent to privately tell Colin that he knows about his secret, but it also becomes an opportunity for Trent to reveal one of his own.

2 Rebecca’s New Romance Could Be How She Becomes A Mom

Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 keeps its prominent role for Rebecca in this season, and her new romance could be key to her future as a mom. After she falls into the water, Rebecca is rescued by a local man who lives in a houseboat. He charms her and the two wind up having a magical night together. While the extent of their physical romance is only a kiss before Rebecca has to leave, the emotional connection between the two individuals is evident. Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6’s reveal leaves the future of these characters uncertain, as neither seems confident that they will meet again.

Rebecca becoming a mom could happen thanks to this mysterious new love interest. His entire backstory is not explored, but the episode does confirm that he was married before. The episode also teases that this marriage made the man a father and that he has a daughter, as Rebecca sees a room that seemingly belongs to a young girl. This could mean that Rebecca will become a mother if she and this new man wind up getting married, making her this girl’s stepmother.

1 Ted Makes A Breakthrough That Could Change Richmond’s Season

Ted might also have figured out a way to save AFC Richmond’s season after Zava’s retirement and the winless streak that demoralized the team. This begins by giving the players no curfew during their night in Amsterdam, which allows them to bond and find some joy once again. The pillow fight that ultimately takes place between the team proves that Ted found the right way to get his team out of their heads and hopefully end the recent funk. There is no more talk about Zava and the hole in the team that his retirement has left AFC Richmond with.

The good news is that Ted Lasso season 3, episode 6 includes another revelation from Ted that can help make up for Zava’s absence. As part of his possibly hallucinated night, Ted designs a formation for soccer that is built around the Triangle system popularized in basketball by Phil Jackson during his time coaching Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. It is not until giving his notes to Beard that he realizes this is the same formation the Dutch invented known as Total Football. They both agree this is the formation that can give freedom to the players and allow AFC Richmond to thrive, and that could change the season now.

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