Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8 Keeley Storyline Stuns Viewers

Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 stuns audiences with a surprising Keeley storyline inspired by a real-world scandal from nearly a decade ago.

Warning: Spoilers for Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 stuns viewers with its Keeley storyline. The recent episode of the Apple TV+ comedy series begins with Keeley Jones (Juno Temple) waking up to discover that an intimate video she made for her ex-boyfriend Jamie Tartt has leaked online. Keeley isn’t the only victim though, as the video surfacing online is part of a larger scandal involving many other celebrities whose private content was hacked. To make matters worse, Keeley’s current romantic partner and boss, Jack, urges her to make a public apology saying she is ashamed, which Keeley refuses to do.

Shortly after Ted Lasso season 3 episode 8 aired on Apple TV+, audiences took to Twitter to share their strong reactions to Keeley’s storyline, which was inspired by a real-world event from 2014. Many applauded the episode for how it handled the storyline, with one viewer saying “That hit home very personally for me.” However, some criticized the storyline as another example of Keeley’s aimless season 3 character arc. Check out the range of reactions below:

How Ted Lasso Season 3 Imitates Reality

Keeley’s storyline in episode 8 is just another example of how the Emmy-winning comedy series has continued to imitate reality during season 3. The previous episode 7 featured a prominent storyline involving Sam Obisanya criticizing the fictional UK Home Secretary Brinda Barot’s refusal to allow refugees into the country. She rudely responds by telling the footballer to “shut up and dribble.” Brinda Barot seems to be based on the real-life UK Home Secretaries Priti Patel and Suella Braverman, and her response is a direct quote from former Fox News anchor Laura Ingraham who addressed those same words to LeBron James.

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The latest Ted Lasso season 3 episode continues its trend of taking inspiration directly from reality. Keeley and other celebrities’ intimate photos and videos being leaked online resembles a real-world event from 2014 in which an iCloud hack resulted in nude photos of dozens of celebrities being released on the internet. While Ted Lasso has garnered a reputation as an escapist feel-good comedy, its third and likely final season is taking inspiration from some serious real-world events, albeit to mixed reactions.

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