Ted Lasso Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: 5 Biggest Story Reveals

Warning: Contains SPOILERS for Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8!Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 arrives is a turning point for several characters and their stories, setting up conclusions for many major arcs. With only four episodes to go until the Apple TV+ series has reached its end, it is no surprise that the show is advancing some storylines in significant ways at this point. Viewers have seen Ted Lasso season 3 focus on Ted’s happiness at AFC Richmond, predictions about Rebecca’s future, Keeley’s life changing after Roy’s break-up, and Jamie maturing into a leader for AFC Richmond. Most of these plots have been at the focus of each episode in the final season.

Following the events of Ted Lasso season 3, episode 7, the next chapter in the story begins with AFC Richmond on a winning streak following the implementation of Total Football. A big theme of the episode is the status of various relationships, as it includes significant reveals about the current status and future of Jack and Keeley, Ted and his ex-wife Michelle, and Nate and Jade. There are also several more personal storylines that are explored, such as an update on Colin’s secret, the Diamond Dogs adding Trent Crimm, and more. Here is a full Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 recap covering the biggest reveals.

5 Keeley’s Old Nude Video (Made For Jamie) Leaks Online

Keeley gets the main storyline in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 after an old nude video of her leaks online. The video surfaces as part of a larger scandal that makes Keeley one of many celebrities whose private sexual photos or videos leak, similar to the 2014 scandal that impacted many. Keeley’s nude video leak creates chaos for her personal and work life. Jack requests that she releases a statement apologizing for ever making the video, but she does not want to. Roy attempts to comfort Keeley during the time but inappropriately asks who it was made for, creating even more distance between them.

Ted Lasso eventually confirms that the video, which was made for a romantic partner as they were away from Keeley and showed her masturbating, was made for Jamie. Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 reveals this information near the end when Jamie stops by Keeley’s house for a visit to check up on her. This is where he confesses that it was his fault that the video leaked because he was not careful enough with deleting it. Keeley does not blame Jamie for the nude video leaking. She instead hugs him for coming to check on her. It is possible his accountability will further Keeley’s interest in being with Jamie.

4 Isaac Learns That Colin Is Gay Thanks To His Phone’s Photos

It was only a matter of time before more people at AFC Richmond started to learn that Colin is gay, and Isaac became the latest individual to discover his secret in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8. Due to the celebrity nude photo leak that occurs, Isaac implores all members of the team to delete any sensitive photos or videos from their phones. Colin exits the locker room with his phone in hand before completing the task, and Isaac follows him to make sure he does it. This leads to Isaac taking Colin’s phone. While the episode does not show what Isaac sees on Colin’s phone, his reaction is telling.

Colin leaves the locker room during the phone photo purge because he does not want to lose these memories and images of past or even current romances. Isaac is clearly surprised when he takes Colin’s phone and sees the contents of his photos. The AFC Richmond captain does not say a word after the initial surprise, but he does seem to accept the fact that Colin is gay by the time he hands him his phone back. Since there are no additional scenes between them in the episode, how the rest of the AFC Richmond team learns about the secret and reacts will come in future episodes.

3 Nate Is Learning To Be Happy (& Missing AFC Richmond)

Nate gets an important story in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8, as it focuses on how he is learning to be happy, even as he seemingly misses his time and relationships at AFC Richmond. The source of Nate’s happiness comes from the development of his relationship with Jade, as they officially become boyfriend and girlfriend by the episode’s conclusion, and another win for West Ham. However, both developments prove to be reminders of the good times he had at AFC Richmond with Ted Lasso and the rest of the coaches and team. This can be seen through Nate’s attempts to replicate the Diamond Dogs by creating the Love Hounds.

The biggest Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 tease of how Nate feels about AFC Richmond and Ted comes near the end. She points out that Ted, Henry, and Beard appeared to have fun at the West Ham game, and that made Nate happy. This comes after he smiles upon seeing that they are there to watch him coach and nearly tells Rupert he thought it was funny to see Ted, Beard, and Henry in the stands. All this should be key to Nate’s redemption arc and eventually coming to be on good terms with Ted, whether he stays at West Ham or goes back to his old team.

2 Jack Shows Her True Colors & Leaves Keeley (For Good?)

Keeley and Jack’s relationship takes a sharp turn in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8. Keeley’s nude video leak puts a strain on their dynamic as Jack worries about the impact it will have on KJPR. This is where Jack’s true colors begin to appear, as she attempts to make Keeley apologize for the video, hide her from the public, and only refers to Keeley as her friend in public (not her girlfriend as she does repeatedly in private). Jack’s behavior highlights who she really is, showing some of those troubling characteristics that Rebecca tried to warn Keeley about before.

The events create a big problem for Keeley and Jack, which is when the latter’s flight-over-fight response kicks in. Jack leaves Keeley’s place due to the argument they get into about Keeley not wanting to issue the PR statement. Jack tells Keeley that she’s not sure if she’ll come, indicating that the once-promising romance between them might have suddenly come to an end. If so, it is the result of Jack thinking that Keeley will hurt her reputation and how she is perceived, indicating that she never really cared that much about Keeley in the first place.

1 Ted’s Ex-Wife Michelle Doesn’t Get Engaged To Dr. Jacob

Another major development in Ted Lasso season 3, episode 8 comes with the reveal that Michelle does not get engaged to Dr. Jacob. Ted is nervous that this is Dr. Jacob’s plan after learning that they are going to Paris, which has some of Michelle’s favorite locations in the world. Ted worrying about Dr. Jacob proposing to Michelle proves to be for naught. His ex-wife returns to pick up Henry without an engagement ring. It is unclear if this is because Jacob did not pop the question or because she turned him down if he did. Either way, it maintains some hope that Michelle and Ted could get back together.

Regardless of what happens between Michelle and Ted in the future, the storyline proves to be important for him as Rebecca delivers some great advice. She tells Ted that the time he spent with Michelle is over and that he should not be focusing on what happens between her and Dr. Jacob. Instead, Rebecca tells him to focus on Henry and putting his energy into enhancing that relationship. It is a moment that makes things click for Ted, while it might also help foreshadow Rebecca becoming a mom if she and Ted end up together when Ted Lasso ends.

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