The Best Jewellery Brands For Gold & Silver Rings, From Boho Gems To Minimalist Stackers

If asked to rifle through your jewellery box for your most significant item, I bet you’d fish out a ring. Rings have signified forever friendship and eternal love throughout history. They’ve proudly commemorated our family or where we come from, and they’ve denoted authority, power or membership in an organisation. (Think about it: It’s Lord of the Rings not Lord of the Hoop Earrings.) Some of us never even take our rings off, allowing them to adorn our fingers day and night.

So, when it comes to choosing a new ring, we understand how important a decision it is. Choose correctly — for quality, craftsmanship and timelessness — and you’ll have a piece that will last your lifetime (and beyond). This is why we decided to comb through our little black book to find the best jewellery brands for rings. From simple, dainty stackers to chunky knuckle dusters, these brands are at the top of our list. We’ve divided brands by jewellery type as well as price, so it’s easier for you (and your bank account). Insert Gollum voice here: Go forth and find your new precious!

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Best affordable jewellery brands for gold & silver rings


Best for: dainty gold and silver rings, stacking rings, gemstone and diamond rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, in silver, gold vermeil and 14ct gold

Price range: £17 – £1,045

Hong Kong-based brand Linjer has swiftly become one of our favourites for beautiful, quality jewellery at accessible price points. Though the brand’s bread and butter is its stunning 14ct gold diamond and gemstone rings, which do cost a pretty penny (or two), its silver and gold vermeil offerings start as low as £17 — hence its spot in our best affordable jewellery brands lineup. This is one to bookmark for lovers of simple, minimalistic, dainty stacking rings. Personally, I can vouch for its gemstone pieces. I’ve now owned the Elisa Moonstone Ring and Margit Mother of Pearl Ring, both in silver, for four months, wearing them almost every day in and out of the shower, and both are just as shiny as day one.

How do they keep things so cheap? Linjer does away with the usual supply chain that contributes to massive price markups in the jewellery industry. Instead, it partners with manufacturers to sell the very best materials directly to customers online. This means Linjer can keep its costs low — up to 50% lower than the luxury market, according to the brand. On each product page, you can compare how much you’ll be saving at Linjer compared to other big brands. For example, my Elisa Ring currently retails at Linjer for £47 compared to the industry standard of £90; the Margit is £59 at Linjer versus £120.

Hey Harper

Best for: guaranteed waterproof and tarnish-free jewellery on a budget and a mixture of designs, from chunky rings to simple signet rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? No, just 14ct gold-coated stainless steel, plus a few enamel and ceramic pieces 

Price range: £39 – £134

We all know the disappointment of jewellery pieces tarnishing and discolouring after one too many wears — especially rings, which get wet (no matter how hard we try) and leave green stains on our fingers. If you’re after gold rings that won’t do this or break the bank, Hey Harper is your answer. Unlike other budget-friendly brands, which use brass with gold-plating that eventually rubs off, Hey Harper uses something called ‘Physical Vapour Deposition’ (PVD), which is apparently 10 times stronger than gold or silver plating, according to the brand. It also coats PVD over stainless steel, which — for those of us who failed chemistry — has a higher resistance to rust and corrosion due to its chromium content. The brand is so confident that you can swim, sweat and live in your Hey Harper jewels that they offer a lifetime colour warranty. After testing out the brand ourselves, we’ve become big fans.

Daisy London

Best for: interesting ring designs that look more expensive than they are 

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, a healthy mixture of designs in recycled sterling silver or 18ct gold plate on recycled sterling silver

Price range: £29 – £225

Daisy London is for the fashion girlies who want to look like they’ve splurged but have in reality struck gold (or 100% recycled silver) on a bargain. Just consider its collabs with brands like Shrimps and content creators like Estée Lalonde, or the sheer variety of design choices on offer — modernistic, statement geometric bands sit alongside art deco-inspired baguette rings, delicate finger chains and boho mermaidcore gemstones — all for under £300.

Seol + Gold

Best for: simple and delicate stacking rings and fashion-forward designs at a fraction of industry-standard prices (especially affordable gemstone rings); birthday-gift-buying

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, either sterling silver or gold plate over sterling silver

Price range: £14 – £749

Whatever you’re after, Seol + Gold has it: delicate stackers and chunky, statement rings aplenty. Material-wise too, most of its designs are available in either sterling silver, 18ct yellow-gold plate over sterling silver or 9ct yellow gold, depending on what you’re willing to spend (a few are even available in 18ct rose-gold plate, too). For those looking for something extra special, it even stocks a few one-of-a-kind vintage rings at the top end of its range. Personally though, I’ll be bookmarking its engraved signets, eternity bands and birth gemstone rings for budget-friendly birthday gifts.


Best for: simple, minimalist gold rings on a budget 

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? No, mostly 18ct gold-plated brass rings

Price range: £18 – £28

On a really strict budget? Meet Orelia, a British brand that offers minimalist, gold-plated designs for less than £30. Yes, that price covers both standalone pieces (single ribbon twist rings or bands embedded with Swarovski crystals and malachite stone) and multiring stacking sets.


Best for: cool, organic, molten styles, asymmetric gemstone designs and statement rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, it offers silver-, gold- and rose-gold-plated jewellery (though the brand does not specify what base metal or coating materials it uses)

Price range: £24.99 – £49.99

If your heart is set on an organic, molten style ring from Alighieri, but the idea of dropping half your month’s rent on a piece of jewellery makes you nervous-laugh, Pilgrim is the brand for you. Along with these wavy, irregular styles, you’ll also find bulbous, architectural shapes, crystal-encrusted bands, cool twisted designs and some of the most interesting-looking signet rings we’ve seen this side of £50. Even better, almost all of Pilgrim’s rings are made to be adjustable for ring sizes 51 to 55, so you don’t have to worry about measuring your finger.

By Glaze

Best for: minimalist, organically-shaped rings inspired by the natural world 

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, at the moment you’ll only find pieces made with 18ct gold plating on recycled sterling silver, but silver jewellery fans — watch this space

Price range: £24 – £60

By Glaze draws inspiration from the ocean and the beach, crafting simple, elegant pieces that mimic the flow of waves and the textures of sand or shells. This is the perfect brand for those who want timeless simplicity from their jewellery collection.


Best mid-range jewellery brands for gold & silver rings


Best for: classic, minimalist style rings and bold, simple shapes

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, everything from silver-plated and sterling silver to 18ct gold-plated vermeil, 18ct gold-plated, 14ct solid gold and 14ct solid white gold

Price range: £39 – £3,250

If you like your jewellery, you probably already know all about London-based Missoma — it’s  become a household name for bestselling collaborations with creators like Lucy Williams and designers like Harris Reed and, most recently, for being Barbie’s favourite jewellery brand (and Margot Robbie’s IRL, too). Head here if you’re after a classic, timeless design that won’t go out of fashion anytime soon. Modern heirlooms if you will, like the Savi Sculptural Crossover Ring or Molten Pearl Twisted Stacking Ring.

July Child Jewellery

Best for: quirky, playful, colourful and statement-making designs and unique signet rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, both silver plated brass and 18ct gold-plated brass 

Price range: £60 – £140

If you want to have fun with your jewellery, July Child is the brand for you. Shop pink opalite clouds raining drops of blue CZ stones, gold cow-print flowers, bedazzled turtles, sparkling Magic 8 balls and Polly Pocket dollhouse-inspired lockets — and, yes, all of these can be found in its extensive ring collection.


Best for: everyday statement pieces and fresh takes on diamond engagement rings and wedding bands

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, rings in titanium, sterling silver, gold vermeil, 14ct white and yellow gold

Price range: £38 – £3,200

No one does simple, elegant semi-fine jewellery like Mejuri, especially — given the quality and craftsmanship — at such reasonable prices. Shop for rings you’ll want to wear every day like chunky, ridged domes, waver thin stacker rings and delicate beaded designs that feel both lightweight and solid to touch.

Astrid & Miyu

Best for: simple, quality gold and silver bands, dainty designs and interesting crystal and gemstone rings 

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, they offer designs in a range of finishes, from silver and gold plating to 9ct and 14ct solid gold

Price range: £60 – £230

Astrid & Miyu have been our favourites for dainty jewellery for a while now, and the same can be said for its ring collection. Here you won’t find chunky, statement designs or strange and wonderful organic shapes. Rather, Astrid & Miyu is all about subtle, stylish variations of the plain band — embellishing its rings with tiny crystals and twisting the metal lightly into a gentle wave or scouring it with shell-like ridges.

Monica Vinader

Best for: textured, organic designs and stacking ring sets

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, sterling silver, 18ct gold vermeil, 18ct rose-gold vermeil and 14ct solid gold

Price range: £45 – £650

You can find plenty of simple stackers and classic signet styles at Monica Vinader, but when it comes to its rings, it’s their hammered designs that are the real spotlight: textured, organic shapes that still feel grown-up, refined and elegant. Top of our list are the Siren Muse Wide Ring and Deia Domed Ring. Another brand highlight is Monica Vinader’s stack sets. So far it only has three — the Textured Stack, the Fine Stack and the Deia Dome Stack — but these are great for building up your collection with.

Crystal Haze

Best for: chunky crystal knuckle dusters and gemstone cocktail rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? No, just 18ct gold-plated brass

Price range: £50.99 – £169.99

If you want to laden down your fingers with chunky, statement gemstone rings à la Jacqueline Wilson, Crystal Haze is for you.


Best high-end jewellery brands for gold & silver rings

Catbird NYC

Best for: ultra-delicate, dainty signets and stacker rings, gemstone and diamond rings, unique engagement rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, platinum, silver, solid white gold, solid rose gold and solid yellow gold — though its their yellow gold rings that deserve most attention, in our opinion

Price range: £29 – £15,895

If you have a little bit more money to play with, Catbird NYC should be your port of call for dainty signet rings and bands — the likes of which pair perfectly with the brand’s delicate chains and pendants. For those who are all about the details, you adorn yourself with itty-bitty golden snakes devouring themselves, teeny bows and flower garlands for your fingers. And for those tying the knot (or who just want to treat themselves to something extra glitzy), you can’t beat Catbird’s dainty, romantic diamond ring selection. (FYI for UK customers, head down to the bottom of the page to change the shipping country and currency).

Loveness Lee

Best for: unique, organic, molten and nature-inspired shapes and gemstone rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, in sterling silver and 18ct gold plated 

Price range: £95 – £450

Loveness Lee doesn’t just create jewellery pieces that look like they’ve magically been crafted in the woods by fairies (think molten, organic shapes that wrap effortlessly around sapphire, ruby and emerald stones). It really does take inspiration from the woodland realm — its latest collection uses the textures and shapes of mushrooms (the brand imprinted these onto wax casting moulds).


Best for: bold, chunky and sculptural rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, there are a few pieces in 14ct solid gold, but predominantly the range is in sterling silver

Price range: $120 – $560 (about £96 – £449)

Making a statement with one of Agmes’ rings isn’t hard. Just one of the brand’s thick, sculptural bands in a ballooning, modernistic shape will take your outfit to the next level.

Alex Monroe

Best for: intricate, nature-inspired designs and unique engagement rings

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, silver, gold plated, 18ct yellow, white and rose gold

Price range: £105 – £9,500

Whether you’re a bride on the hunt for a truly unique engagement ring or are looking to add a touch of whimsy and fairy-tale magic to your jewellery collection, then Alex Monroe should be top of your list. Here you can wear a fossilised fern or tiny mouse guarding a topaz stone, slip a glittering gold chard leaf on top of your finger, or sport a pair of blue whales across your knuckles.

Georg Jensen

Best for: unique, asymmetric and sculptural designs

Does it sell both gold and silver jewellery? Yes, sterling silver, platinum and gold are available

Price range: £225 – £5,740

For rings that no one else has — and no other brand has attempted to emulate — we love Georg Jensen. To give you just a little taste, here you can shop for jigsaw-piece rings (sections of the Fusion ring that fit together to make one chunky, statement band), a galaxy-like cluster of sparkling globes (that’s actually an homage to a bunch of grapes), or a molten, skeletal double-finger ring cuff.

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