The Best Outfits and What They Do

As players visit the various location in Red Dead Redemption 2, they can purchase or craft unique outfits that are perfect for Arthur Morgan. Many of the best outfits can be bought from various general stores, while others require players to gather resources in perfect condition.

However, another neat feature that affects how Arthur’s outfits look is the game’s impressive reputation system. Depending on Arthur’s reputation, some outfits can look different as they tend to reflect his personality. Therefore, players can unlock some unique outfits for Arthur and make him look like an authentic cowboy in the Wild West.


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The Vaquero

The Vaquero outfit for Arthus is perhaps one of the most versatile to unlock, as it lets Arthur survive in warm and mild weather. In addition, this outfit will let Arthur explore most of the open world, especially if they are looking to collect resources or hunt animals in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Due to its versatility, The Vaquero is quite costly as players can purchase it from Worths General Store in Valentine for $85.50.

The Desperado

This outfit is a bit harder to obtain as it requires players to gather legendary animal pelts. The Desperado outfit will need players to hunt Beaver, Goat, Armadillo, Oxen, Boar, Rabbit, and Muskrat to craft the different clothing items. Here’s everything players will need to buy the Desperado outfit:

Clothing Item



Beaver Drifter Hat


2x Perfect Beaver Pelt

Billy Vest


1x Perfect Armadillo Skin, 1xPerfect Goat Hide

Boar and Bull Fowler Boots


Perfect Ox Hide, Perfect Boar Pelt

Winter Cavalry Gloves


1x Perfect Rabbit Pelt, 2x Perfect Muskrat Pelt

The Gunslinger

Morgan’s default outfit in the game is also one of his best attire. Since this is the character’s original appearance at the start of the game, the player will not need to fulfill any requirements to obtain it. It also comes with two different variations for the summer and winter.

For the default Gunslinger outfit, it is best worn during hot and average weather seasons. The summer and winter versions are best suited for their titular seasons. However, no matter the season, the Gunslinger is the suit that best represents Morgan’s character, especially when completing Gunslinger quests in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Bear Hunter

The Bear Hunter is one of the most unique outfits in Red Dead Redemption 2 and one of the more costly to collect. This outfit will comprise different parts, and collecting the right animal pelts will help players craft the different components that make up the suit at the Saint-Denis Trapper. One of the parts, the legendary bear pelt, can be acquired during a story mission with Hosea, where players will hunt the Legendary Bear. What makes the suit great is that players will get to wear a bear for a hat, and the outfit is not limited to one or two seasons.

Players can collect this outfit at the Saint-Denis Trapper after possessing the following collectibles: three legendary bear pelts, a perfect bison pelt, a perfect bull hide, a perfect boar pelt, and two perfect rabbit pelts.

The Saint-Denis

The Saint-Denis is one of the game’s more fashionable attire that helps Morgan blend in with the locals of Saint-Denis. This outfit can be acquired from the Saint-Denis Tailor for over $98. It can be worn during average and hot weather.

Thanks to the outfit, Morgan can appear as a Saint-Denis local; he can blend in with the city crowds and not worry about people looking at him for his cowboy attire. In addition, it gives him a break from wearing his cowboy attire and something cleaner to wear without alarming anyone to his outlaw nature.

The Faulkton

Available to purchase at the Strawberry General Store, the Faulkton outfit lets Morgan sport a long overcoat that can be worn during average and hot weather. Of course, wearing something long and fashionable does not hurt Morgan. Costing around $84, it is also one of the cheapest attire to acquire in-game.

Additionally, players will not need to worry about their honor rating to obtain this outfit. This outfit will be readily available for the taking when players decide to purchase it. So there is no need to worry about prerequisites in collecting this costume.

The Beast of Prey

Like the Bear Hunter, the Beast of Prey is one of the more expensive and time-consuming outfits to obtain. However, it’s available from the Saint-Denis Trapper after players collect the following to create the suit’s various components: three legendary cougar pelts, two turkey feathers, two legendary wolf pelts, one perfect goat hide, two perfect boar pelts, two perfect bull hides.

The Beast of Prey is made up of different parts that can be crafted with the mentioned collectibles at the Saint-Denis Trapper. This outfit can be worn in any climate but is more beneficial to wear, thanks to its aesthetic. It portrays Morgan as a cowboy who is not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Legend of the East

The Legend of the East outfit is Red Dead Redemption 2‘s most valuable. Players can acquire this outfit after completing the game’s numerous challenges. Unlike the other outfits on this list, this legendary attire has numerous stat bonuses for Morgan, including decreased melee damage from enemies and increased money from looting.

Aside from gameplay perks, the outfit is also very fashionable. Morgan will sport a nice coat and pants when wearing this outfit. But players can only acquire the Legend of the East if they accomplish all of Red Dead Redemption 2‘s challenges, something they can do after beating the game.

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