The Faby’s Best of 2021: Makeup Artist of the Year featuring Priscilla Ono, Porsche Fabulous, Erika la Pearl and more Sponsored by Urban Skin RX

Makeup can be both transformative or natural beauty enhancing, and a good makeup artist (or MUA) knows how to slay both. The relationship between client and MUA can be for life so, finding a reliable artist can be a bit of a process. Celebrities, of course, get the best of the best either through word of mouth or by the power of Instagram. Whether they are in need for on-camera glam or an everyday natural glow, they have someone to call.

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Below we run through the celeb-approved nominees for The Faby’s Makeup Artist of the Year 2021:

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Erika la Pearl

Erika is a go-to for Cardi B ever since her days on Love & Hip Hop, where they first met. La Pearl, a Miami native, started life in law. Her MUA career kicked off in her early 20’s when she attended beauty school in Florida. Soon after, she moved to Atlanta which led her to work with the likes of Monica, Marlo Hampton, Toya Wright and eventually Cardi.

Image: Instagram/ @Erika_LaPearl_MUA

Erika’s iconic look is a killer winged liner topped with some fluffy lashes but she is also known to experiment with color. Think Cardi’s red gem brows wearing a stunning matching red Mugler dress during Paris Fashion Week this year.

Image: Tomas Herold

Image: Instagram/ @TokyoStylez

2. Ariel Tejada (@MakeupByAriel)

Building up a portfolio on Instagram that caught the eye of Kylie Jenner (she actually was the one who DM’ed him asking to collab) Ariel quickly became a household name. He played a big part in finessing the ‘Kylie Jenner look’, starting with his signature brow all the way through to her statement Kylie Cosmetic campaigns.

Image: Instagram/ @ShayMitchell

Kylie was just the beginning. Shortly after, Tejada was working with all the Kar-Jen family, he has also worked with the likes of Chrissy Teigen and Shay Mitchell.

Image: Instagram/ @KylieCosmetics

Morphe collab Signature Brush Collections released May 27th

Image: Instagram/ @MakeupByAriel

3. Priscilla Ono

Priscilla is behind all of Rihanna’s best makeup looks. Ono has been working with the icon for years, including her Fenty Beauty campaigns. Not only that, she even helps RiRi with product design, education and training as Global Artist of Fenty Beauty. Known for her creative looks, other big names on Ono’s client list includes Kelly Rowland, Normani, Megan Thee Stallion and Christina Millian.

Image: Instagram/ @PriscillaOno

Taking her beauty career to the next level, Priscilla created Brushfolio, a make-up brush stand that displays all your brushes for easy access. She also teaches her best loved beauty techniques at various masterclasses, Ono Make-up Course, since 2007.

Image: Instagram/ @PriscillaOno

Image: Instagram/ @PriscillaOno

4. Mario Dedivanovic (@MakeupByMario)

NYC-born Mario is best known as the master behind Kim Kardashian’s glam. He started working with Kim over 10 years ago where he perfected the contoured look and started a trend that would see 10s of thousands of Beauty Influencers creating how-to videos on achieving the look. I mean, there is only one MUA in the world that could do a full face Kardashian signature beat for the highest profile fashion event of the year, for Kim to walk the carpet face covered!

Image: Instagram/ @MakeupByMario

Since then, he has leveraged his popularity and launched a series of live make-up classes named ‘The Masterclass’ – that went international, as well as his own make up line named Makeup by Mario.

Image: Instagram/ @MakeupByMario

Image: Instagram/ @MakeupByMario

5. Porsche Cooper (@PorscheFabulous)

Counting Regina king, Andra Day, Mary J Blige and Winnie Harlow as some key clients, Porsche Cooper’s work has graced the covers of Vanity Fair, Instyle and Vogue. After arriving in New York Cooper got her foot in the door of the fashion industry during New York Fashion Week.

Image: Will Sterling

Whether it is an elegant-winged liner look, soft skin-enhancing makeup or a full-on glam Cooper has got it covered.

Image: Instagram/ @PorscheFabulous

Image: Instagram/ @PorscheFabulous

6. Mary Phillips

Mary Phillips is an OG celebrity make-up artist who has painted the faces of Jennifer Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, Priyanka Chopra, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber. Radiant, glowing skin is one of her trademark looks and is what keeps big named celebs knocking. Another signature look is a smouldering smokey eye, perfect for all those red carpet appearances she books.

Image: Instagram/ @MaryPhillips

A quick search on YouTube, you will find a wide range of ‘Mary Phillips’ inspired videos with beauty influencers doing their version of Phillips’s looks. A true mark of a MUA legend.

Image: Instagram/ @MaryPhillips

Image: Instagram/ @MaryPhillips

7. Rokael Lizama (@RokaelBeauty)

Counting Beyoncé, Kourtney Kardashian, Demi Lovato, Ariana Grande, Nicole Scherzinger and Cassie as key clientele, Rokael Lizama started out life as a hairstylist who have groomed the likes of Drake and Kanye West at the tender age of 19. He quickly realised that makeup was his true calling in life and made the switch from hairstylist to MUA. In his career, Lizama has worked with top name brands such as Anastasia, KKW, Urban Decay, Dose of Colors, and Kylie Cosmetics.

Image: Instagram/ @KourtneyKardash

In 2017, Lizama decided to branch out and start a new line of false eyelashes. With a heap of A-list clients to test out his products, Rokael Beauty was born. With prices ranging from $13 – $19 for a pair of lashes, Rokael Beauty prides itself in ‘meeting the needs for celebrity glamour close-ups while still maintaining a realistic, every-day look.’

Image: Instagram/ @RokaelBeauty

Image: Ivy Park

8. Latisha Chancey-Jordan (@MakeupbyLatisha)

New York based makeup artist Latisha Chancey-Jordan has worked with Angela Simmons, Marlo Hampton, Cyn Santana, Bonang Matheba, Reginae Carter, and our very own Claire Sulmers to name a few.

Her specialty are TV ready looks that are perfect for green screens or fabulously pretty bridal looks.

With the tag line “Oh, You do Makeup, Makeup,” Jordan knows how to enhance natural beauty while still delivering undeniably flawless glam.

9. @LahLuvie

Atlanta based makeup artist LahLuvie has worked with Keri Hilson, Alonzo Arnold, Monica and Megan Thee Stallion to name a few. Luvie likes to work with special effects and at Halloween is when we really see her talent shine. Whether it is optical illusions, nightmare-inducing scary faces or animal transformations, Lah’s flair in undeniable.

Image: Instagram: @LahLuvie

Luvie also specializes in bridal makeup and male grooming.

Image: Instagram: @LahLuvie

Image: Instagram: @LahLuvie

And that about wraps it up! Who do you think should win Makeup Artist of the Year 2021?

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