The sustainable lingerie brands to add to your underwear drawer

The sustainable lingerie brands to add to your underwear drawer

They say it’s always best to start small, so if you’re trying to build a more eco-friendly wardrobe, may I suggest you start with sustainable lingerie?

While lingerie isn’t exactly one of the most environmentally friendly industries, there are a few ethical fashion brands doing their very best to change that in different ways.

Some are focusing on fabrics that will have the least impact on the planet, such as made from natural fibres (organic cotton, bamboo, wood pulp) or recycled materials, thus making sure they are in turn more durable and better recyclable. Brands are also practising circularity by making bras and knickers using surplus fabric rather than sending it to landfills. Genius.

Others are focusing on producing their products more ethically, whether that’s lowering their carbon footprint by shortening the supply chain, using a production process that is less harmful to the planet, such as using less water or dying lingerie using natural products.

Regardless of which aspect it is focusing on, if not all of them, any sustainable brand worth it’s salt will have clear information about its creds on its site, so that you, the consumer, can be part of the journey too.

Where can I buy sustainable lingerie?

The good news, what with non-essential shops being closed right now, is that you can buy loads of sustainable lingerie online. Sure, it’s a bit of a faff as if you’re unsure of your size, it means trying on at home and returning afterwards, but you can do that for free, and some postal partners will even collect your parcel from your door.

With that in mind, please find my pick of the best sustainable lingerie pieces below. There are knickers made of bamboo cotton, bras made of biodegradable silk and super comfy shapewear made of lycra and an environmentally friendly, carbon-neutral yarn made from beech trees. Enjoy (and if you need help, head to our guide for how to find the right bra size).

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