The Teen Wolf Movie’s Lacrosse Scene Was Weird (& The Sequel Knows It)

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Teen Wolf: The Movie’s lacrosse scene may initially seem weird, but it refers to an important aspect in Scott McCall and Eli’s overarching storyline.

Teen Wolf: The Movie‘s weird lacrosse scene is much deeper and more self-aware than it initially seems. Taking its action back to Beacon Hills, the Teen Wolf movie marks the return of many primary characters from the original TV show. While it brings a few new narrative elements to the table, it also offers many moments of pure nostalgia and fan service to those familiar with the parent series. However, in all of its callbacks to the main Teen Wolf series, there is one scene, in particular, that stands out: Scott’s return to Beacon High’s lacrosse field.


Towards Teen Wolf: The Movie‘s ending arc, Tyler Posey’s Scott McCall dons Beacon High’s lacrosse jersey after decades to save the people of Beacon Hills from their imminent doom. With Derek Hale’s son, Eli, Scott races against time to end the lacrosse game before the Nogitsune destroys the Beacon Hills High School Stadium. The high-stakes action of the scene puts Scott’s lacrosse skills on full display and ends well when Scott manages to save the day. Unfortunately, however, many elements of the scene make no narrative sense.

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Scott Playing High School Lacrosse In The Teen Wolf Movie Made No Sense

Scott McCall is a 30-year-old in Teen Wolf: The Movie, owing to which, in a real-world scenario, there is no way he would have pulled off something like this. Someone likely would have spotted him wearing the jersey long before he stepped inside the field to play. The fact that Orny Adams’ Teen Wolf character, Coach Finstock, casually dismisses the opposing team’s coach’s suspicion surrounding Scott McCall’s age and identity by calling him one of his best students makes the scene all the more bizarre.

However, as soon as Coach Finstock makes a fake name to hide Scott’s identity by calling him Greenberg, it becomes evident that Teen Wolf: The Movie is self-aware of the uncanniness of the scene. The name Greenberg is a callback to one of Coach Finstock’s running gags from the Teen Wolf series. Throughout the show, Coach Finstock keeps blaming a student named Greenberg for the high school lacrosse team’s losses. This is funny because the student’s identity always remains shrouded in mystery. By referring to this joke from the original show, Teen Wolf: The Movie affirms that its logical inconsistencies are only meant for comic relief and should not be taken too seriously.

Why The Teen Wolf Movie Allowed Scott To Play Lacrosse

Besides having comical undertones, the lacrosse scene in the movie also brings a full circle to Allison and Scott’s romantic storyline. In Teen Wolf‘s first episode, Scott impresses Allison by using his superhuman abilities to score a goal during lacrosse practice. He does something similar in Teen Wolf: The Movie by confessing that he still loves her and then using his werewolf strength and agility to win the game for Beacon High.

The Teen Wolf movie sequel also justifies the lacrosse scene by showing how Scott fulfills his responsibility as an Alpha by looking out for Eli and helping him find his feet as a werewolf. In the movie’s opening scenes, Eli doubts and fears his abilities when Derek encourages him to play lacrosse. Scott helps him overcome his self-defeating thoughts in Teen Wolf: The Movie‘s lacrosse scene by making him realize that he has the potential to be great at the sport and has control over his circumstances.

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