This Brand Put A Surprising, Stylish Spin On Strapless Bras—& I’m Here For It

Picture it: You’re wearing the most stunning low-back top or slinky dress… and your bra is sticking out. You try to shimmy the band down throughout the night, causing more annoyance and discomfort than anything else. But there must be a solution, right? While boob tape and self-adhesive bras are popular options, they might not offer enough support (or, in the case of boob tape, feel like a DIY project you have to complete before leaving the house). BAXXE offers a third option that seems so simple, yet so clever, we’re both delighted and wondering why no one has thought of it yet. Simply put, the brand designs bra bands that are meant to be seen — and actually enhance your look rather than detract from it.

BAXXE has reimagined what strapless bras look like, creating demi-cups that lift and detachable, decorative bands that look like accessories. That’s right, detachable bands, not straps. How many other brands can say they sell something similar? And while they’re marketed as “backless bras,” they’re not actually backless, but rather can be worn under low-back tops while looking intentional. Intrigued by these unique products, I was happy to test them out to see just how easy the sets are to put together, how good they look under skin-baring tops, and if the fit is just as good as the design.


Defiance Bra Set (Midnight Cup & Danger Darling Band), $148

BAXXE sticks to what it’s good at, and that’s molded bra cups that promise to lift and not slip, and “runway-ready bands” that are interchangeable, adjustable, and stylish. Unlike typical strapless bras, which feature hook-and-eye closures in the middle back of the band, BAXXE’s bra bands have hooks that slip into the sides of the cups. This creates a sleek wrap-around look that appears more like a decorative detail to your top, rather than a bra. How are the bands decorative exactly, you ask? They’re made from thick, shiny materials and many of them are adorned with studs, rhinestones, or even pearls.

While there are only two neutral bra cup colors in sizes A through DDD, there are currently 22 band designs to choose from, ranging from sizes 30 through 40. Shoppers can opt to buy a Defiance Bra Set at various price points, which includes both the cups and the band of your choice. Or, if you want multiple cup or band colors, the products can also be purchased separately. The brand also offers denim bustier and leather bustier sets too, which can even be worn as bold crop tops.

Okay, you’ve got the basics. Now, onto how to put these products together for a DIY bra situation.

Defiance Bra Set (Covert Cup & Prima Band), $138

I typically wear a size 36C bra, but when I plugged my size into the Defiance Bra Set product page, it showed that my BAXXE bra size is actually a 36D. I was a bit hesitant over this, since in my opinion, many intimates companies’ size charts are inaccurate. However, once I received the cups and placed the product against my chest, it was a perfect fit, sans any gapping or spillage. It also features thick, faux underwire, which added some lift.

Now, the tricky part for me was clipping the band into the cups. To be honest, it was a two-person job for the first couple of attempts. (And to be even more honest, I didn’t properly adjust the band or wear the bra correctly until recently watching BAXXE’s handy instruction video.) There’s the sleek outer band, but there’s also a hidden elastic band with non-slip silicone where all the magic happens. Basically, you slip one end of the band through a side slit on the cup and clip the hook through one of many hidden loops (resembling those on many swimsuit bands) on the elastic band for a tighter or looser fit. Then you repeat the same step on the other side of the band to close it up.

I didn’t quite understand this all at first, so I went too tight and thought the band was ill-fitting, but once I got the hang of it, I was able to adjust it to the perfect fit. It definitely requires some focus and patience in the beginning, but again, the brand’s video is a lifesaving guide, and you’ll get the hang of it.

Defiance Bra Set (Covert Cup & Glitterati Band), $248

In addition to receiving the light pink pleather-y Prima band, I also got the nude rhinestone-covered Glitterati band, which is sparklier and fancier. I wanted to put it to the test for a night out under a low-back halter top. At this point, I got the hang of putting it together and made the band nice and taught.

I felt so secure in the bra and was happy by how perfectly the cups fit and lifted my chest. But I was even more impressed by how the cups didn’t shift throughout the night. The molded underband sat securely against my ribcage, which was comfortable. The band was also secure, especially thanks to the non-slip silicone. I didn’t have to continuously pull it up or shimmy it around, and I just knew my back was looking pretty cute, which is BAXXE’s priority after all.

I was really surprised by this product, especially since I haven’t found much success in the strapless bra space. I can see myself wearing this BAXXE strapless bra and alternating the bands for different backless outfits, especially throughout the summer.

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