Tiffany Franco’s 10 Most Fashionable Instagram Posts

90 Day Fiancé franchise star Tiffany Franco has become a fashionista in the last few years, and her Instagram posts prove that. The 32-year-old reality star’s journey began on 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1, where she married her former partner, Ronald Smith. At the time, Tiffany weighed over 300 pounds and dressed in loose outfits that didn’t showcase her natural beauty. However, all that changed in 2021 when the young single mom opted for a weight loss surgery and dropped over 80 pounds. In 2022, Tiffany debuted on 90 Day: The Single Life, showcasing her new transformed looks.

Tiffany has changed herself in multiple ways since losing weight. From style to fashion sense, she had overhauled herself and became an iconic face of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. Tiffany’s most apparent change is in her newfound positive attitude. She’s happier and constantly glows, which adds more life to her fashion photoshoots. Over the months, the Maryland native has experimented with her hairstyles, revamped her makeup artistry, and diversified her wardrobe with cool new outfits. She has also begun posting much more and flaunting her fashionable side on social media.

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10 Tiffany Franco Shows Off Her New Hairstyle

Tiffany has had several glamorous moments in the last few months. In April 2023, she collaborated with former star Ashley Martson and got her hair overhauled. She posted a short video of her new hair transformation on Instagram, showing how perfect it looked with blonde highlights. Tiffany’s new voluminous hairstyle got much love from fans, who showered her with likes and compliments. Someone even told her she was “the hottest woman on TV and IG,” and her extensions looked great.

9 Tiffany Franco Wears Floral Top

Tiffany has inspired fans by posting glamorous makeovers and discussing a healthy daily routine. In May 2023, she posted one photo wearing a fashionable crop top with full sleeves. The picture showed her touching her hair while flaunting her cleavage and toned belly. Tiffany rarely wore crop tops or showcased her body when she debuted on the show. However, this post highlights how much confidence she’s gained after splitting from her ex. Therefore, fans are right to point out that Tiffany is “looking so gorgeous these days!”

8 Tiffany Franco Glams Up In Satin Shirt

One of Tiffany’s most fashionable moments comes from the late spring season when she shared a cute photo of herself smiling like a queen. In the post, she wore a chrome satin top highlighting her glowing face and shoulder tattoo. She also paired the look with black pants that complimented her cute girly brunette hairstyle. The chrome color isn’t the easiest to pull off, and many stars like Tim Malcolm have failed to do so. However, Tiffany’s color combination and vibrant personality perfectly suited her fashion makeover.

7 Tiffany Franco Flaunts Her New Waist In White

Tiffany has been posting indoor photos forever. However, her fashion-oriented mindset is far more visible now than before. In May 2023, she shared a picture of herself posing from the side, wearing a cute pink top and tight black pants. The post highlights Tiffany’s features, from her pretty cosmetics sense to her cool hairstyle. It also showcased her new and improved fashion preferences, which never fail to impress fans. In this post, the 90 Day Fiancé franchise star got thousands of likes and compliments regarding her fashionable pink top.

6 Tiffany Franco Chooses To Wear Leather

In spring 2023, Tiffany confidently showcased her stunning all-black leather makeover. She wore a black top, massive sunglasses, and a cool mid-parted hairstyle. While the reality star is known for sporting colorful outfits, she’s begun shaking things up lately and sporting darker shades. This post highlights that Tiffany can look great in all kinds of getups, be it glam dresses or something more minimal. Even fans love Tiffany’s new style and feel she looks pretty, even when she wears something other than her usual outfits.

5 Tiffany Franco Flaunts Her All-Black Look

Tiffany has been showing off her love for the color black since her weight loss. In October 2022, she posted a mirror selfie showing her new fashionable outfit. The picture showed her wearing a long black coat, a cute tube top, and skin-tight pants highlighting her curves. She also sported jewelry, including rings and multiple necklaces, adding bling to her dark outfit. Tiffany’s party makeover got over 22 thousand likes, with people applauding her transformation. Someone even wrote that Tiffany had become the “most beautiful” woman of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise.

4 Tiffany Franco Looks Stunning In Orange Blazer

In mid-May 2023, Tiffany shared a cute picture of herself standing in front of her leaf-patterned wall. She wore a stunning orange blazer and black crop top, alongside matching dark pants. Tiffany had rarely sported chic outfits before and was only into cute dresses. However, her summertime makeover shows that she can pull off a corporate look without compromising the stylish aspects of her outfits. Moreover, the look fits Tiffany’s small business owner image. Her makeover got thousands of likes, with people complimenting her fashion sense and calling her “Stunning, strong, smart, inspiring.”

3 Tiffany Franco Glams Up In Black & White Top

Tiffany has always liked showing off her shoulders and upper body tattoos to fans. However, she has begun doing it much more after her weight loss. Since dropping 80 pounds, Tiffany has shared countless fashionable makeovers highlighting her flower and hummingbird tattoos. She has also started flaunting her collarbones alongside her cool new hairstyle. In April 2023, the single mom posted one makeover where she embraced her new physique and highlighted her new toned face in a striped shirt. Tiffany kept the top unbuttoned, and wore it low enough to highlight her cleavage.

2 Tiffany Franco Gets Ready In Off-Shoulder Dress

Tiffany started showing her new fashion sense in 2021, a few months after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. In November of that year, she shared a gorgeous photo of herself wearing a green dress highlighting her physique. This post was one of the first times fans saw Tiffany’s post-surgery look. Therefore, the fashion makeover got a lot of love from fans, who couldn’t help but compliment her for her praiseworthy transformation. An Instagram user even wrote, “Tiffany, you’re the most fashionable woman on TLC,” and claimed that her green outfit looked fabulous.

1 Tiffany Franco Celebrates Halloween In Black Costume

Like other 90 Day Fiancé stars, Tiffany has also started flaunting unique makeovers on special occasions. During Halloween 2021, she shared a picture of herself wearing a Catwoman outfit. In the photo, Tiffany sported a full-body leather catsuit and a brandy-colored wig, alongside long nails and cat ears. She also wore heavy makeup, with bright red lipstick and heavy eyeshadow. Tiffany’s Halloween makeover got thousands of likes, with people claiming she looked like fire. One Instagram user even commented on her leather bodysuit, stating that everything about the 90 Day Fiancé franchise star’s new fashion sense is amazing.

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