Top 10 Designer Handbags

Top 10 Designer Handbags

There’s a lot of hip and trendy handbags out there; but which ones rank in the top 10? We’ve got the answers. From stylish and oversized luxury totes from Gucci to tiny wonders from Fendi, you’ll see some trendiest, smallest, and over-the-top handbags that will leave you drooling in handbag heaven.

1. Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote

Undoubtedly a classic in the fashion industry, the Gucci Bamboo Shopper Leather Tote makes a statement wherever it goes. The extra-large shopper style of this bag means there’s plenty of interior space for all your necessities, from tiny lipsticks to huge tablets and notebooks. On the exterior, fashionable and high quality leather is accompanied by beautiful gold hardware and, of course, the embossed gold Gucci trademark to tie the look together. Elegant, sophisticated, and convenient, all in one bag.

2. Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

The Speedy Bag from Louis Vuitton has been a crowd favorite in the fashion world for several years, featuring a chic Monogram canvas that’s trendy and easily spotted on city streets. It’s the perfect style for a gal with an eye for fashion, with a lovely exterior in a unique, rounded design that leads to a handy set of handles for easy transportation. Classic, unique, and undoubtedly an eye-catching piece, who wouldn’t love this designer bag?

3. Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag/Classic City Bag

Oftentimes referred to as the ‘Motorcycle Bag’ in the fashion community, the Balenciaga  Classic City Bag has a trendy, yet rugged appearance we adore. Agfased leather is accompanied perfectly with sets of aged brass hardware and a leather tassel zipper pull to really create the ‘street chic’ look of this bag, while a roomy interior makes it an incredibly convenient bag that works for every lady. For an edgy back with plenty of high style, the Balenciaga Classic City Bag, or ‘Motorcycle Bag’, is the best option.

5. Prada Saffiano Tote

Every fashionista knows about the Prada Saffiano Tote. It’s just one of those accessories that made a HUGE impact in the fashion world and stuck around for the ride. This bag has it all: a gorgeous leather exterior that’s nothing short of eloquent and sophisticated, while the interior holds plenty of storage space for everything you’d need and more. This is undoubtedly a crowd favorite because it’s subtle, yet amazingly chic, and is a handy tool that can’t accompany you to literally any occasion.

6. Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag

From its attractive cannage quilt exterior to its flawless hardware, the Christian Dior Lady Dior Bag is the iconic accessory that every lady loves to own. The quilted exterior gives this lovely piece a bit of dimension and femininity, while the danging DIOR charms give the entire piece a bit of modernized attitude. Overall, this squared off masterpiece is a notable accessory in the fashion world, and looks wonderful with a pair of jeans or your fanciest little black dress. Simply can’t get enough of this exquisite, textured accessory from Christian Dior.

8. Hermes Birkin Bag 

“The bag is a symbol of wealth due to its high price and usage by celebrities.”  Need I say any more? The Hermes Birkin Bag is a divine, exquisite piece of equipment that will turn heads. It’s a beautiful, handcrafted bag that comes in a variety of hides and colors, each with a set of lock and keys and stunning hardware to match. They’re only sold IN stores, and they cost a pretty penny- but believe us, it’s well worth the price for this insanely iconic and over-the-top luxurious accessory.

9. Chanel Flap Bag 

If anyone knows how to chic, stylish, and elegant all at once, it’s Chanel. And the Chanel Flap Bag is no exception. This dashing little number may be small in stature, but it makes a big statement when it comes to the fashion industry. With a lovely, eye-catching quilted exterior and a stunning chain strap to match, this tiny accessory is the perfect blend of femininity and luxury. Undoubtedly one of the most popular flap-bags on the market, and will continue to be a hot number for many years to come.

10. Fendi Baguette 

Since the moment it hit the fashion world in 1997, the Fendi Baguette became a must-have accessory that every lady needs under her arm. This deceptively small piece comes with plenty of character and chic attitude, with a wide array of designs and patterns to choose from. This style icon is undoubtedly one of the most sought after little bags of all time.

Okay, let’s all pick up our jaws off the floors! I have a question for you! What is your absolute favorite designer handbag? Do any of you lucky ladies happen to own any of these delightful accessories? Let us know below!

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