Top 15 Beautiful 6 Years Girl Dress Designs

Your 6 years old girl would love to be dressed in wonderful dresses. The dresses are always bright with nice prints or made with royal satin material. They look stunning and great. These dresses that we have listed here are the best and you can choose the types that you would like to buy.

Dresses that you can buy are short dresses for cotton and summers. The other styles can be for occasions like birthday celebrations or even weddings. Flower girls, pageants, etc are all occasions where you can use the fancy dresses. Satin makes the dress look regal and your kid will look gorgeous and stunning in them.

Cute and Stylish 6 Years Girl Dress Patterns with Images:

Whatever your choice, these dresses will give your child the fancy look that she deserves.

1. Summer Net Dress:

Choose this cool looking summer dress for your little one. This 6 years girl dress is pretty and made from cotton and net. The top of the dress is made from floral print and the bottom is layered with a net. The net is also printed to give it a good look.

2. One Shoulder Dress:

This is a lovely 6 years old girl dress that she can wear for a party. The one-shoulder dress is made with flowers that are strung around. The mesh bodice is fitted and the flares at the bottom are floor length. This tulle dress is perfect for any kind of occasion.

3. White Satin and Lace Dress:

Choose a stunning white dress for your little one for her birthday. This 6-year girl dress is made with white satin. The belt in the centre is pleated. The skirt part of the dress is made with net and lace is embellished at the bottom. The flares of the dress make it perfect for twirling around.

4. Smocking Dress:

Most summer dresses are best for play time. This 6 years baby dress is made from pure cotton and is printed. The dress is done with smocking and this makes it really pretty. The strap shoulders are another cool addition to this dress.

5. Lycra Dress with Belt:

Kids love belts with their dresses. This Lycra dress is made from two colours- white and green. The top is decorated with bows and beads. You can have a nice belt with this dress too. This 6-year baby girl dress is perfect for any time.

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6. Tulle Floor Length Dress:

Make your kid turn into a princess with this tulle floor-length dress. The white dress is perfect for weddings or pageants. The party wears a dress for 6 years girl is what you need to stand out. The dress is floor length and makes the girl look like a princess.

7. Sleeveless Beach Dress:

Most kids love to play at the beach. Dressing up for the beach is another great way. These girls dress age 6 is what you could get. The dress is sleeveless and has a nice design at the back. The prints are perfect for the beach.

8. Satin Dress with Jacket:

Have this formal dress for 6 years old as a wedding dress or any occasion. The pure satin dress is made stylish with a nice jacket. The long-sleeved jacket is stitched with great structure. The flowers on the dress are pretty and stand out.

9. Applique Dress:

Here is another cool dress for your kid. This dressy applique dress has a pattern of reindeers. The red striped dress is full sleeved and knee-length. This is perfect for holiday seasons as well. This can also be a party dress for 6 years old.

10. Low Waist Frill Dress:

Choose this eye-catching low waist frill dress for play time with your kids. This dress is made low waist and the frills are made with two colours. The bodice is yellow in colour and the frills are made with yellow and white. A contrast flower is added for a great touch.

11. Long Evening Gown:

Try this wonderful peach girls’ party dress age 6. This dress is a long evening gown that can be worn for parties, occasions as well as weddings. The flowers in the dress are perfectly patterned and put in the waist as well as shoulders.

12. Fancy Dress Costume:

If your child has to take part in any fancy dress competition then this is a wonderful choice. The dress is a European costume that a kid can easily wear. The fancy dress costume is perfect with apron and jacket.

13. Ribbon Dress:

Choose this net and ribbon dress for a party or occasion. The top of the dress has a nice net piece. The bottom is lined with ribbons. This 5 layer ribbons line makes a nice looking sophisticated dress. It is perfect for birthdays as well.

14. Puffed Sleeve Dress:

This lovely dress for 6 years old is great for pageants or occasions. The puffed sleeve makes it formal and stunning. This elegant dress is a combination of lace and satin. The bodice is made from lace and the bottom is satin.

15. Ruffle Dress:

Here is a cool evening party dress that your kid can wear. The straight ruffle dress is perfect as it is fancy and elegant. This dress is made from coloured material as well as lace. The big bow is what makes the statement in this dress.

Dress for 6 years old is just the best way to style your kid. These dresses can be for formal occasions or for daily wear. The satin dresses are usually for parties and occasions. These dresses are decorated with flowers and bows as well as beads. The cotton dresses are for daily wear and for semi-formal occasions.