Top 15 White Gold Chains in New Designs

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White gold chains are one of the most popular jewellery for men. Chains are like evergreen and always stay in demand. Those who are fond of chains can collect variety of designs in chains. White gold chains are precious too. It never loses its shine. It serves the purpose of looking classy. The thickness of chain depends on its Carat, more the Carat and more the price. But a wise man always prefers to have 18k chain. Chain is best gift option for men. Because man likes to wear either chain or ring. It has its own significant on people’s mind.

White Gold Chains in Latest Designs:

Here look at our 15 best White Gold Chains in trend. Select your loved one and pick it.

1. White Gold Anchor Chain:

It is 14k white gold mens chain. Each oval shape is connected to each other. It is very popular amongst men. It depicts the unity between them as how tightly each oval has hold the another one. Inside each oval, there is one straight string affixed. A big hook is supported by a small one.

2. White Gold Rolo Chain:

This is rolo white gold chain. It has round links that are connected together. It comes in different sizes and designs. It is simple and sweet without much decoration. It is similar to anchor chain except in shape. This rolo chain seems to be delicate so need care to handle.

3. White Gold Cable Chain:

It is cable white gold chain for men. It is made up of round or oval links fixing each other of same size. It appears like a cable and also known as link chain. People mostly pick up this style as you can wear it with simply stylish pendant. By adding pendant, it will become a necklace.

4. White Gold Rope Chain:

This white gold chain rope chain is linked in such a way that it appears like an interwoven rope. It is woven in a spiral design and it is the most versatile design. Because of its interwoven pattern, it becomes strong enough to wear in a everyday life.

5. White Gold Wheat Chain:

It is wheat white gold men’s chain and is generally made up of four stands of oval and twisted oval shape. It is woven together to make a lovely looking chain. The chain is very thick and heavy. It is mainly the criss-cross of oval links.

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6. White Gold Snake Chain:

This 18k white gold chain does not have any round or oval links. It is a flexible chain formed by linking together a metal plate looking link. This metal plate is of round wavy and smooth. It appears like a snake chain and so its name. It’s another name is Brazilian chain.

7. White Gold Ball Chain:

It is mens white gold chains having round balls. It is also known as Bead chain. These cute beads are fixed on a chain with some distance. The beads look like a diamond cut shape. There is tiny space in between each ball. In between balls, one can insert bead of another shape too.

8. White Gold Box Chain:

This box chain has square design connected with each other. It resembles like a box. In this square shape white gold chain, men can even hang a pendant with it. On each square, there are three shining diamonds affixed which increases the beauty of chain.

9. White Gold Figaro Chain:

It is 14k white gold chain mens known as Figaro. It is having 3 round links joined with one big oval link. It does not have any uniform size. The link is flat with circular and oval shape. It is mostly worn by men and can get even more adorned with pendants.

10. White Gold Byzantine Chain:

This white gold chain for men is having group of links incorporated with each other. It is a mixture of round and oval shape links. This chain is flexible and adding grace to your neck. It seems like the links has worn itself and appearing out to be lovely.

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11. White Gold Venetian Link Chain:

This chain is also like a box chain, made up of square links. In another way, it also looks like a leaf pattern. Strong and thick boxes are connected with each other delivering an exclusive object. These square links connected together creates an artist’s impression.

12. White Gold Popcorn Chain:

This popcorn white gold chain for men is the best choice of everyday wear. It is lightweight, silky and smooth. It is simply rounded chain and drapes lovely on neck. It has regular design of chain. There can be variety of designs in popcorn chain.

13. White Gold Moon Cut Chain:

This chain is having round shaped small balls. These balls are given the shape of moon. The balls are joined with each other without space. It looks like a Mala. All balls are of same size and design. Like a moon, this chain also gives coolness to eyes.

14. White Gold Curb Chain:

In curb chain the links are interlocked with each other and are flat. It has simple round shape links adjoining each other and forming a quiet rich piece. One can even call it twisted link chain as round link is twisted with each other.

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15. White Gold Fancy Chain:

This white gold chain has fancy design. It is having a bullet pattern link connecting each other with a hole. Fancy chains have variations of the standard styles and are created to deliver something new to market. Instead of bullet shape, there can be other designs also.

White gold chains for men are generally made from precious metals. Some chains are bold and some are delicate. Choosing a right type of chain for you makes a huge difference. It helps in enhancing your personality. Men do not wear more jewellery. Delicate design can’t be worn every day. Thick chains are rough and tough and flexible too. It won’t get easily dropped from the neck. Chains are though simple but help in beautifying your neck.

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