Top 9 White Pearl Jewellery Designs for Women in Fashion

A pearl from the sea is a jewel that is loved by all. White color pearl is a classic color for freshwater pearls. The white pearl is used in jewelry of all kinds like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. Try out the radiance of a freshwater white pearl and you will fall in love with it. The white pearl is beautiful to look at as the color brings brightness.

Beautiful White Pearls and its Jewellery Designs for Ladies with Images:

Let we have to look at the best white color pearls.

1. South Sea White Pearl:

Look gorgeous in this wonderful white pearl that is embedded in the silver ring. This South Sea white pearl is round in shape and sits in this white pearl ring beautifully. You can get this pearl with tiny diamonds on the side. This ring will be great for special occasions as gifts too.

2. White Pearl Chain:

Here is a simple and neat white pearl necklace that can be worn for any kind of occasion. The chain is made of silver and has 9 white pearls neatly arranged at equal intervals. This gives the necklace a simplistic look that also goes perfectly well with stylish outfits.

3. Freshwater Pearl Earrings:

Try out these cute white pearl earrings made from freshwater AA+ white pearls. These round pearls are perfect in structure and set on gold earrings. The simple earrings make your face look bright and beautiful. Pair these earrings with freshwater pearl necklace for a complete set.

4. Pearl Bracelet:

Make your look complete with this gorgeous white pearl bracelet. The pearl bracelet is made from freshwater pearls that are strung neatly on the wire. The pearls are all of the same size. The clasp at the end of the wire holds the bracelet in place.

5. Round Pearl Pendant:

Choose this gold plated white pearl pendant set as a gift for someone you love. This white pearl is beautiful and round and surrounded by tiny diamonds. The set comes with pearl earrings as well. This set can be easily worn for special occasions or birthdays. Try out the gold plated set and you will be mesmerized by the beauty.

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6. Double Line Pearl:

Go premium with this double line white pearl jewelry set that has a necklace and earrings. The set has two lines of freshwater white pearls that are placed along with American diamonds in the center. This creates a stunning jewelry set.

7. Pearl Anklet:

Try out this simple and elegant pearl white anklet. The simple anklet is made from silver chain and a single white pearl. You will look perfect in this anklet jewelry. Try this for the beach or any casual occasion. Wear them barefoot to showcase the pearl well.

8. Single Pearl Strand:

This single strand small white pearl necklace looks great on sarees or ethnic wear as well as western formal wear. This necklace is versatile and this makes it a must have in your jewelry collection. Single strand necklace is a classic design that looks very sophisticated.

9. Pearl Choker:

A pearl white necklace is great when it is short in size. The choker is a wonderful short necklace that you can wear and covers your neck area. The pearl choker is a pure necklace that is wonderful on western casual wear. The flowers of the choker make it quite trendy and fashionable.

White pearl jewelry is breathtaking and is used by all especially brides. The white pearls can be added to make stunning jewelry like earrings and necklaces. Try out the various sets and designs that are available. Some can be simple yet stunning and some can be elaborate.

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