Trailer Park Boys: The 10 Best Episodes

Trailer Park Boys ran from 2001 to 2018, spawning 106 hysterical episodes chronicling the schemes, failures, and triumphs of Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles in the Sunnyvale Trailer Park — here are the best Trailer Park Boys episodes, ranked from worst to best. Audiences’ favorite boys from the trailer park have blessed viewers’ lives with 12 incredibly cringy and hilarious seasons. So obviously, with 105 episodes, there are definitely some good ones and some bad ones. While all of them may make people laugh, some of these episodes had audiences absolutely enthralled from start to finish.

The series has seen some ups and downs over the course of 17 years on the air, but Trailer Park Boys has managed to maintain solid ratings and a loyal fanbase over the years. The series has created some notable one-liners, mainly a slew of the best “Rickyisms,” that perfectly capture the wild and wacky antics of the dysfunctional Sunnyvale family. The best Trailer Park Boys episodes usually include some choice schemes from Julian, terrible decisions via Ricky, outlandish quotes from Bubbles, and a solid involvement from the rest of the ensemble cast.

10 “If I Can’t Smoke And Swear, I’m F***ed” — Season 3, Episode 3

While this episode title is one of the audience’s favorites, the entire episode is as well, which is why its one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes. In “If I Can’t Smoke and Swear, I’m F***ed,” the boys finally decide that smaller, less risky crimes are the best for earning money. So what do they do? Of course, what else, but open an illegal gas station in Sunnyvale.

The episode contains some comedically golden scenes, particularly thanks to Cory and Trevor, who weigh in on Julian and Ricky’s plans by siphoning gas to fill up tanks. Trailer park supervisor (at this point in time) Mr. Lahey tries to catch the boys in the act, and of course, to hilarious results. This episode can keep audiences absolutely entertained from start to finish.

9 “Workin’ Man” — Season 4, Episode 8

One of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes turned out to be the season 4 finale. In this season finale, the boys try to harvest their last field before dawn arrives. To speed up the process, they decide the best course of action is to hijack a bus and force everyone on board to help. It’s a risky scheme, even for Julian and Ricky, and the bus hijack is one of the crazier Trailer Park Boys moments.

If this isn’t enough to pique audiences’ interest, it turns out that Mr. Lahey has cut their brake lines as they head back to Moncton. This inevitably spurs on another famous Ricky and Lahey confrontation, and their fight is one for the books. “Workin’ Man” remains one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes, with a few surprising twists and turns to keep audiences engaged along with way.

8 “The Bare Pimp Project” — Season 2, Episode 7

Another one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes is the season 2 finale. Trailer Park Boys decided to end their sophomore season with Julian discovering that Sam Losco is engaged to Barbara Lahey. Of course, they don’t want Sam to take over the trailer park, so Julian tries to get Sam cast in another low-budget adult film shot by J-Roc.

While a b-plot sees Ricky taking his Grade-10 exam, the main focus is Julian’s attempts to get Sam back in hot water. Yet Trailer Park Boys‘ Julian is still selling dope to prison guards, which of course takes everything off the rails. “The Bare Pimp Project” takes plenty of crazy turns along the way, eventually leading to a shoot-out. However, it’s just another day in the Sunnyvale trailer park.

7 “Conky” — Season 4, Episode 5

Season 4’s “Conky” will forever be one of the most tragic and hilarious episodes on television audiences have ever seen, and it’s one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes. When Bubbles has an infected tooth, he is too afraid to go to the hospital without “Conky,” a puppet he made in the sixth grade. However, Ricky and Julian disposed of Conky a while back, since it brings out a pretty hostile and malicious personality in Bubbles.

However, they recover it (from a swamp) for the sake of Bubbles’s health, and take him to the hospital. Like all of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes, chaos reigns once Bubbles is back in possession of Conky. In addition, Lahey and Randy are also trying to deal with all of Bubbles’s cats while he’s gone. Considering just how many felines this is, it doesn’t go well in typical Trailer Park Boys fashion.

6 “F***in’ F***ed Out Of Our F***in’ Minds” — Season 12, Episode 10

Thankfully, one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes is the series finale. A perfect sendoff complete with an animated sequence, in this episode, Bubbles organizes a huge stag party for Julian and Ricky. However, when police sirens approach, it turns into a huge escape operation. As well as being one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes, “F***in’ F***ed Out Of Our F***in’ Minds” deserves a special mention for being the end of the show itself.

This episode title, and this episode itself, tell one pretty much everything one need to know about these boys and their trailer park. The episode has plenty of nostalgic and surprisingly heart-wrenching moments, like when the group got together to watch childhood videos. The installment is dedicated to John Dunsworth (Jim Lahey), who passed away in 2017. In a world of controversial series finales, Trailer Park Boys managed to stand out among the pack and deliver a satisfying conclusion.

5 “Who’s The Microphone Assassin” — Season 3, Episode 4

The best Trailer Park Boys episodes are an ensemble effort, and “Who’s the Microphone Assassin” plays to that strength. A J-Roc centric storyline sees Ricky and Julian attempting to sell his rap albums at the flea market alongside their “small crimes” projects to get cash. J-Roc’s albums turn out to be a bigger hit than initially expected, so Julian plans to reinvest their money into sponsoring a rap concert for J-Roc.

There are various attempts to sabotage the concert, with Lahey calling on rapper Detroit Velvet Smooth whose music J-Roc has been stealing, and Cory and Trevor witnessing J-Roc masturbating and telling everyone about it. Hilariously, J-Roc ends up having an identity crisis over his career as a rapper due to his race. It isn’t until he gets a pep talk from Detroit Velvet Smooth that he’s willing to retake the stage.

4 “Closer to the Heart” — Season 3, Episode 5

One of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes is “Closer to the Heart,” and it all has to do with the band Rush. In the installment, Bubbles wants to see Rush perform in Halifax, but Mr. Lahey purchases all the remaining tickets to get back at Ricky. Of course, this doesn’t stop the boys, and they make several attempts to break into the concert anyway.

What’s even more, is that through various turns of events, Ricky kidnaps Alex Lifeson, Rush’s guitarist and backup vocalist. It’s a Trailer Park Boys episode that takes a typical Ricky and Julian scheme and blows it way out of the water. Lifeson turns out to be a pretty good sport, eventually letting Bubbles be his guitar tech at the concert.

3 “Jump The Cheeseburger” — Season 7, Episode 7

“Jump the Cheeseburger” is the 7th episode of the 7th season and is one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes. In this installment, Randy and Phil plan on opening a new business known as “The Dirty Burger.” However, all Randy is truly concerned about is performing a jump with his bike over a large cheeseburger. Randy tries to protect himself during the jump, but his armor still sees him wholly shirtless with elbow pads and shoulder pads, and absolutely nothing for his head or neck.

This hysterical Trailer Park Boys episode also sees a b-plot in which Barbara Lahey is being sent anonymous love letters. She believes they’re from Julian, but Sam turns out to be the culprit. In the end, Randy gets stoned off of Ricky’s “captain cupboard” stash and ends up missing the jump entirely.

2 “The Green Bastard” — Season 4, Episode 4

“The Green Bastard” is one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes, and it’s also one of Bubbles’ most quotable storylines. When Ricky plans to have a community day in the trailer park, he decides to feature some wrestling. Bubbles takes on the persona of “The Green Bastard”, a wrestler from “parts unknown.”

This episode does indeed end with a tag-team wrestling match between Mr. Lahey and Bubbles, to clearly determine the true supervisor of the trailer park. However, various bits of cheating end up getting in the way. For whatever reason, Lahey and Randy’s interactions are particularly funny in this installment, and every scene Bubbles is in he manages to steal.

1 “I Am The Liquor” — Season 5, Episode 9

By far the best Trailer Park Boys episode is season 5’s “I Am the Liquor.” In this episode, Ricky is preoccupied by bailing Trinity out of jail (like father like daughter?). On the other side of the trailer park, Mr. Lahey goes after Cory and Trevor, and tricks them into telling him about their hash driveway. It becomes painfully obvious that Cory and Trevor can’t be trusted, especially when Ricky isn’t around to babysit.

On the bright side, it does make for some pretty hilarious TV. This iconic episode sees Lahey’s infamous drunk-a-thon, during which he makes the proclamation, “I am the liquor.” This Trailer Park Boysseason 5 episode sees the late John Dunsworth’s finest moments as Jim Lahey, and it remains one of the funniest-ever chapters of the show. While every one of the best Trailer Park Boys episodes is a highlight, “I Am The Liquor” is truly the show at its absolute best.

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